After leaving the Great Sky Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the paraglider is one of the most important items you need in the early game. Once the map opens itself up to you, picking up a paraglider will drastically speed up traversing the map, or prevent you from taking unnecessary fall damage. But how do you get the Link's paraglider?


Much like the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, this iconic piece of Link's kit returns from Breath of the Wild, but isn't available straight away.

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Without the paraglider, you cannot fully explore different areas or complete certain Tears of the Kingdom shrines. The Windy Device shrine, for example, and Impa’s hot air balloon ride to get a bird's eye view of a 'Geoglyph', are both impossible without it.

It’s a necessary item as it allows Link to glide around in midair and we’re here to help you find it. Perfect for navigating those large chasms, jumping off cliffs safely, or gliding down to speed up your journey to points of interest, such as a Great Fairy Fountain. Obtaining certain Korok Seeds will also be made much easier.

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Read on to find out where the Tears of the Kingdom paraglider location is and how to get the useful glider item early on in the game.

How to get the paraglider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom paraglider location map

You can find the Tears of the Kingdom paraglider in the Lookout Landing settlement. This settlement can be accessed very early on in the game and it’s highly recommended you push through to pick up the glider as soon as possible. You can see the Lookout Landing location on the map above (at the bottom of the image, we've circled it in red).

First, you will need to go to Lookout Landing and speak to the character Purah. She will then set you off to complete the early ‘Under Hyrule Castle’ mission — where you travel across the drawbridge, open the castle door and ultimately spot Princess Zelda from afar — before returning to Lookout Landing.

Back in Lookout Landing, you will need to find and talk to Purah, and report back on your findings. She will then ask you to take some downtime in Lookout Landing and check out the Emergency Shelter, before finding her at the tower in Lookout Landing.

When you go back to Purah at the tower, she will explain more about the Skyview Towers. Alongside Josha, she will then have you flung up into the air by the tower and catapulted into the sky. How rude!

Continue the conversation at the foot of the first tower and these fine folk will give you the paraglider, so you, you know, don’t plummet to your death after being catapulted into the air.

Now, shoot up the tower and the paraglider is yours to keep for the rest of the game. Simply press the X button to use the glider whenever you’re in the air. Do watch out for the stamina bar, though! We don’t want you letting Link fall pointlessly to his death, now. You can upgrade this at Goddess Statues using the Light of Blessings gained from shrines.

These Skyview Towers work differently in Tears of the Kingdom compared to Breath of the Wild. In Breath of the Wild, you had to climb towers manually but it appears as though in Tears of the Kingdom you’ll be catapulted into the sky by them instead.

Using these towers will unlock the map details of the surrounding area. Nothing more comforting than an open-world game design trope. Just remember to use your shiny new glider on the way back down!

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