Like its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an absolutely massive open world. It also continues the tradition of traversing said open world with adorable horses, who can be housed in stables located all across Hyrule.


If you've been playing the game in great detail, having already picked up the paraglider and unlocked all the Skyview Towers, you might be wondering what to do next. If you've already collected the Geoglyphs and started thinking about grabbing the Master Sword to take on some shrines, we'd recommend undertaking a stable-themed side mission first by visiting all stable locations.

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It's worth knowing how the Lucky Clover Gazette factors into things. This in-game newspaper is tied to a series of side missions all about Link's equine friends – specifically, you need to visit stables to complete the Lucky Clover Gazette mission chain, which also ties into the Great Fairy Fountain missions.

The newspaper's editor, Traysi, wants you and Penn to visit certain stables in Hyrule to investigate possible sightings of Princess Zelda. A quest worth doing, right? We think so. Not only for the moral obligation related to the story, either. If you complete this side quest, you'll receive the Froggy Armour. It's an indispensable set of armour that lets you climb in the rain without slipping.

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If you're struggling with this side quest, don't worry. We're here to help you out. We've unlocked every stable location in Tears of the Kingdom, which you can find on our map below.

All stable locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - where to find and board horses

By our count, there are 16 stables to find in the game, two of which are smaller 'mini' stables with fewer amenities.

You can see all of the stable locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in our annotated map below, with the mini stables marked with the letter M and the regular stables circled in red:

All the stable locations, including two mini stables, in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
All the stable locations, including two mini stables, in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Nintendo

If you want to find a horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you're best off looking in the areas around these stable locations.

Much like in Breath of the Wild, these Tears of the Kingdom stables allow you to register your horses and get a good night's sleep. You can also pick up little quests by interacting with the noticeboards inside the stables.

And you can also collect Pony Points, by visiting stables and using them, earning your way towards equine upgrades like saddles and carts. And you may have already noticed that there's one particular side mission chain that is tied to the stables. Read on to learn more about that.

How to complete 'Potential Princess Sightings' side quest at stables

If you've picked up the 'Potential Princess Sightings' side quest, you'll know that visiting stables is the key to unravelling this mini-mystery. The reward for completing this mission chain is the Froggy Armour, which will give you the ability to climb in the rain.

If you've read the note from Traysi in the Lucky Clover Gazette (which is just to the east of Rito Village, circled in yellow below), triggering the 'Potential Princess Sightings' story, you might be wondering what to actually do with this quest.

Completing the 'Potential Princess Sightings' side quest requires you to visit 12 of the stables in the game. We'd recommend doing this in the order indicated by the red numbers below:

The 12 stables you need to visit for the Potential Princess Sightings quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
The 12 stables you need to visit for the Potential Princess Sightings quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Nintendo

We'll walk you through where each of those stables is below, and what to do when you get there. The numbers on the list below correlate with the numbers in the image above, so get working and you should get through this mission chain eventually!

1. Outskirt Stable

The Outskirt Stable is located near the middle of the map, just southwest of Central Hyrule. Once you get there, talk to Penn and his new friend. They'll talk about a mysterious woman spotted down the valley who might know of Zelda's whereabouts. Walk down the route they tell you about, and talk to this woman - called Ralera - who's standing under a tree near the base of two cliffs.

Now it's a case of following her. Keep on travelling down this route and she'll appear again, further along. After a lot of climbing and gliding, you'll finally get to her final location. Here, she'll reveal herself to be a member of the Yiga Clan. Defeat them to finish the mission!

2. Wetland Stable

The Wetland Stable isn't too far from the centre of the map, either. It's just across the Hylia River. Once you've arrived Penn will tell you about Zelda borrowing farm tools without bringing them back. Head down to the man on the little wooden pier next to the river. He's called Izra, and you'll need to use your skills to get the raft on the jetty working to taxi him down the river.

Make sure you put all the nearby parts on the raft. It will make it much easier to control. He'll direct you to another jetty way down the river. Once you arrive, you'll meet Magda. She'll return the farm tools, and your mission is complete.

3. Woodland Stable

First, head to the Woodland Stable, which is to the east of Hyrule Castle and southwest of Eldin Canyon. Begin the quest by talking to a couple of musicians under a marquee. They'll tell you about a fairy who has hiding for quite some time. You'll need to hook a cart to a horse, and transport the musicians to where the fairy lies.

As the musicians play their lilt, the fairy will decide to surface. Job done! You now have another optional sidequest available regarding her fairy friends, but let's stick to the stables for now.

4. Snowfield Stable

The Snowfield Stable is located towards the northwest corner of the map (just up the road from the Gazette, actually). You'll find your buddy Penn talking to Harlow about Zelda's golden horse. After talking to them, the quest to find said horse will begin.

Now, head north to the South Tabantha Snowfield. Keep going further north until you reach a ruin and a group of horses - one of which is a glowing golden horse. Jump on the horse, calm it down, and ride it back to the Snowfield Stable. Quest complete, and you now have a golden horse!

And this time you'll get the first piece of the Froggy Armour – the Froggy Sleeve!

5. Dueling Peaks Stable

The Dueling Peaks Stable is one the opposite corner of the map to where you are now. In the West Necluda area, head southeast from the Skyview Tower. Once you're there, climb to the top of the tent with the horse-shaped structure to find Penn. He'll talk about Princess Zelda being kidnapped, and the need to go to Dueling Peaks to save her.

It's a grueling climb to the top of the peaks, but when you get there look out for a goblin tower. Once you're there, look to the left to see a solitary cage in a deep valley. While it looks like Zelda is inside, it shouldn't be a shock that it's an enemy in disguise - yet another member of the Yiga Clan. Defeat the Yiga Footsoldiers again to finish the quest.

6. Highland Stable

The Highland Stable is in the Faron Grasslands, in the south of the map, not far from Utsuchok Shrine. Once you've arrived talk to Penn. He'll tell you about a mysterious and haunting voice in the distance. Next, follow Penn as he follows the sound of the voice. Now it's your turn to follow the voice. If you explore as the voice gets louder, it'll lead you to a well.

Jump down and talk to Sagessa to finish the quest.

7. Tabantha Bridge Stable

Head to Hyrule Ridge, in the west, to find the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Talk to Penn, and he'll tell you about a few goats that have gone missing. This side quest is all about investigating what happened to them. So begin by talking to Chork - the bloke in the empty Goat pen - who will tell you about the pinecones that the goats eat. Look for the first pinecone in the pen, then follow the trail of them outside it.

Once you've found the goats, interact with the bottle lying among them to finish the mission.

8. Riverside Stable

The Riverside Stable is in Hyrule Field, just to the west of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. Penn is standing at the base of a tree just on the outskirts of the settlement. He will tell you about Gotter, a chef who is worried about his staff. Go find him in the centre. He'll tell you that they usually Owlan Bridge, so head there after talking to him.

Cross the bridge and head through the trees until you see a glowing tent in the distance. Once you get to the camp, you'll find Gotter's staff. And they're all suffering from what looks like food poisoning. Investigate the notebook in the middle of the tents. Collect all the ingredients listed, and make the Meat and Rice bowl in their pot. This will bring the crew back to good health. Talk to Penn to finish the mission!

9. South Akkala Stable

Head to the Akkala Highlands to find the South Akkala Stable. It's over on the east end of the map, close to Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Talk to Penn, who will tell you about a Cucco that will speak a prophecy. So you'll need to find that Cucco, which is on to of a small hill to the left of where Penn is facing.

You're not the first one there. Talk to the crowd of people under the tree, then eventually talk to the Cucco. It will set you a few annoying tasks and mundane which, unfortunately, must be done. Once you've done them, you'll be delighted to find out that it's yet another Yiga Clan trap. Defeat them to finish the mission.

But it wasn't all a waste of time... on the tenth mission, you get the Froggy Leggings! We're well on our way to a complete set.

10. Foothill Stable Well

The Foothill Stable Well is found in the Eldin Canyon, just to the east of Cephia Lake. You should see more musicians (the ones from the earlier fairy quest), and Penn standing just next to their marquee. He will tell you about men fighting monsters in their underpants. Of course. Follow the valley to the Maw of Death Mountain, where the monsters' pen is said to be.

Cross the rocky canyon and you'll find a cave with an ominous skull over the top, and two men (in their underwear) standing at the base. Unfortunately, you'll have to strip down to your underwear yourself and take out a few monsters inside the cave. Once you've beaten them, head back to the stables to find all the men have returned. Witness the funny conclusion, and talk to Penn to finish the mission.

11. Gerudo Canyon Stable

Head to the Gerudo Highlands to find the Gerudo Canyon Stable. It's in a valley just north of the Gerudo Desert Gateway. Talk to Penn, then start the quest by jumping down that well. Once you're down, you'll need to destroy the rock blocking the way, then defeat the monsters on the other side.

Head back up, talk to Penn, job done!

12. New Serenne Stable

This is the final stable you need to visit for this quest (yes, we're almost there!) is the New Serenne Stable. It's in Hyrule Field, just south of the New Hyrule Plain. Talk to Penn, who will tell you about a mysterious beast that the stable's guests have been talking about. We're afraid you're going to have to travel all the way to the Lakeside Stable, which is right at the bottom of the map in Faron. It's just to the east of Lake Floria.

Once you've arrived, talk to Shay. He'll tell you about the Dondons in the area, a mysterious new species. Cross the chasm in the middle of the area and talk to Cima, who tells you a bit more about the Dondons.

The quest is now complete! Penn will turn up and join the conversation, before giving you a few items. Head back to the Lucky Clover Gazette and talk to Traysi. She'll give you the Froggy Hood. You now have the complete Froggy Armour - nice job!

If you get stuck at any point in this lengthy chain of side missions, we'd recommend checking out the video below from YouTuber PhillyBeatzU.

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