Making a return in Tears of the Kingdom, the iconic cyclops creatures known as a Hinox are back and ready to take on Link, but where exactly can you find a Hinox?


Spread across the plains of Hyrule and below, defeating a Hinox will give you some solid rewards, which you can quickly sell for rupees or fuse to your weapons.

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If you're unaware, the Hinox is a tricky monster known for tearing trees out of the ground for weapons. If you are aware and you've been struggling to beat them for their awesome item drops, we'll help you out.

Keep reading for our breakdown on the Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom, alongside some tactics on how to beat a Hinox when you do find one.

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All Hinox locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

If you're just starting out in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and fancy taking on a Hinox early into your adventure, we'd recommend taking on the Hinox located on Carok Bridge, just east of Lookout Landing.

This Hinox is among the closest to the starting areas and is directly on the way to Rito Village. There's also a good number of shrines and a geoglyph location nearby if you haven't started checking those off yet.

Hinox location on Carok Bridge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Hinox location on Carok Bridge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Aside from this Hinox, here's a look at where else you can find the creatures:

Regular Hinox

Use this video guide to find one, or search the locations listed below:

  • Phalian Highlands
  • Purifier Lake
  • Kincean Island
  • Mount Taran
  • Tibio's Hollow
  • West Loshlo Harbor
  • Kamah Plateau

Black Hinox

See this video guide or search the locations below:

  • Rabella Wetlands
  • Lake Totori South
  • Tempest Gulch
  • Hebra West Summit
  • Giant's Forest
  • East Gut Check Rock
  • Tabahl Woods

Blue Hinox

Take a look at this video guide or have a look in these places:

  • North Hyrule Castle
  • Seres Scablands
  • Talus Plateau
  • Eventide Island
  • Ralis Pond
  • Herin Lake
  • West Hyrule Plains
  • Digdogg Suspension Bridge
  • Aldor Foothills
  • Thyphlo Ruins
  • South Akkala Plains
  • Ja'Abu Ridge
  • Applean Forest
  • East Ranch Ruins
  • Trotter's Downfall
  • Uten Marsh


Use this video (skipping ahead to 10 minutes and 40 seconds) if you're struggling to find a Stalnox, or scour the locations below if you prefer to do things a little bit more organically:

  • Rowan Plain
  • Hyrule Castle Underground
  • East Akkala Plains
  • Eastern Daval Peak
  • Harfin Valley
  • North Aris Beach
  • Icefall Foothills
  • Satori Mountain
  • Hickaly Woods
  • East Hyrule Castle

And they're all the locations! Happy hunting, and good luck.

How to beat Hinox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

While certainly not as tough as a Lynel, a Hinox can have up to 1000HP depending on the variant, so taking one down is no easy feat.

Before we begin, check out the great video from YouTube channel WoW Quests below. They beat a Hinox with no trouble!

There are a few things to be aware of when fighting a Hinox. Notably, the different Hinox types each have different levels of health. These are:

  • Regular Hinox (600HP)
  • Blue Hinox (800HP)
  • Black Hinox (1000HP)
  • Stalnox (1000HP)

Putting that into context, a regular, Red-Maned Lynel has 2000HP.

If you're struggling to beat a Hinox, here are a few tips:

  • If the Hinox is asleep, sneak up on the creature, charge up your strongest weapon, and keep hitting it until the Hinox gets up.
  • Check your arrow stock before you fight! You'll need long-range weapons for this fight, as you can't get too close to the Hinox. Especially while they're throwing trees at you.
  • Shoot it in the eye to stun the Hinox. The Hinox will cover its eye, allowing you to run up and start attacking with a melee weapon. Just make sure to retreat after it recovers.
  • If you feel confident, you can steal weapons off their necklace during the battles.
  • For the Stalnox, the final attack must be on the eye or you won't defeat it!
  • If the Stalnox gets reunited with its eyeball when the sun rises (it's an undead Hinox that only comes out at night), it'll come back to life. So, make sure to carry its eye away for the sunrise!

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