Koroks are back with a vengeance in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Are you up to the task of finding every Korok seed once again?


Just like in Breath of the Wild, there is plenty to do in Tears of the Kingdom — from hunting down the Master Sword and Hylian Shield to puzzling your way through the Shrines — finding all of the Korok seeds is one of the most daunting challenges on offer here.

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These hard-to-find collectables are used to increase your total number of inventory slots in Tears of the Kingdom, just as they were used in the previous game. Finding them all will definitely be a challenge but it will prove worth it. You might want to find the Skyview Towers first, though, so you can see where all the main regions are on your map.

Once you've found a Korok seed, take it back to Hestu (pictured above at Lookout Landing) and he will convert your seeds into inventory space. Although it might be possible to meet Hestu out in the world, for us, he appeared in Lookout Landing after we'd first found a Korok seed.

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Itching to start your new Korok collection? Read on below to discover a number of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Korok seed locations and how to reach them.

How many Korok seeds are in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

As Breath of the Wild had 900 seeds, we'd expect that the total number of Korok seeds in Tears of the Kingdom could be 900. However, given the game has only just launched, it's not yet known just how many Korok seeds there are out there.

As such, this will be an ever-expanding guide that's updated as more Korok seeds are found in each major region of the game. We're starting with Great Sky Island, though, the prologue area. Already, 17 have been found here but there could be more hidden away.

Our general advice for finding Korok seeds will always remain important, however. Check out anything that looks a little peculiar. Turn over every stone - literally! Add a rock to a stone circle that's missing a piece, pick up anything and everything, climb mountains, ascend through caves, look around corners, dive through places, the list goes on and on.

So far, we've found Korok seeds via the following methods or puzzles:

  • Reunite the Korok friends
  • Underneath a rock
  • Underneath a rock in a pile of leaves
  • Roll a boulder into a hole
  • Shooting a balloon
  • Completing a block puzzle
  • Diving into a ring of lilypads
  • Completing a stone circle
  • Climbing to the top of a tree or tree stump
  • Chasing a flower

There are Korok seeds everywhere. We're starting our list below to help you begin collecting.

All Korok seed locations in Lookout Landing

This helpful guide from BeardBear on YouTube notes all the Korok seed locations in the Central Hyrule area around Lookout Landing, with a total of 66 separate seeds to find!

Most notably here, we can see there is a Korok seed located at the top of the spire on Hyrule Castle - in the exact same spot as a similar Korok seed in Breath of the Wild.

If you're still exploring the tutorial area, Great Sky Island, keep reading for more Korok tips.

All Korok seed locations on Great Sky Island

The best way to start finding Korok seeds in Tears of the Kingdom is to watch helpful YouTube videos like this one from Murad Zero:

Thanks to that video, there are now 17 confirmed Korok seeds on Great Sky Island. Watch the video for yourself or read on if you prefer written guides.

Korok seed one & two

In the south of the island, next to the mine cart tracks. Use Ultrahand to move the mine cart onto the track and pick up the Korok and put him in before sending it over to the other side with the fan attached and Link inside the cart too. Move this Korok over to its friend to unlock two seeds.

Korok seed three

Start at the Nachoyah shrine. Head outside to the right and climb the tree roots to the top of the large tree stump onto the water lily.

Korok seed four

North of the Ukouh shrine along the edge of the map underneath the stone structure.

Korok seed five

In the ruins in the middle of the island, the ruin containing the big tree and yellow flower.

Chase the flower around the blocks and it'll eventually stop for you to collect the seed.

Korok seed six & seven

On the west of the island, just above the massive lake.

Get Link and the Korok across the zipline by crafting a platform out of the logs and hooks nearby to get to the other side and reunite the Korok friends.

Korok seed eight

Up the mountain to the south of the In-isa shrine.

Pick up the rock on top of the large, stout tree.

Korok seed nine

South of the island, on the tree stump above the Pond Side Cave.

Clear the leaves and pick up the rock.

Korok seed 10

Above Pit Cave on the south east of the island.

Hit the dandelion seed and catch it where it lands.

Korok seed 11

On the large platform/structure beside Pit Cave.

Fit the block back into the cube.

Korok seed 12

On the east of the island, overlooking the giant circle platform.

Fit the piece back into the cube.

Korok seed 13

Put the rock into the empty spot in the stone circle at the top of the hollowed-out tree stump next to the Gutanbac shrine.

Korok seed 14

Glide to the small circular platform with a pond on it just north of the Nachoyah shrine and drop into the middle of the water lilies.

Korok seed 15

Pick up the rock on the tiny island in the large lake on the north west of the island.

Korok seed 16

Go outside from the Nachoyah shrine and dive down to the floating platform north east with a tree surrounded by a circle of rocks. Place the extra rock nearby into the empty slot.

Korok seed 17

Head through the doorway behind you from the Room of Awakening fast-travel spot.

We will update this guide with more Korok seeds when more have been located. These things take time for people to discover, ourselves included!

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