As far as enemies go in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Lynels are among the strongest you'll face. Defeating one will reward you with some great loot, but where exactly can you find these Lynel locations in Hyrule?


In Breath of the Wild, finding and defeating all of the Lynels in the game was a challenge worth undertaking. Little has changed in this regard.

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Just as the shrines are worth completing and Korok seeds are fun to collect, it's always worth seeking out and beating Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom.

Link's Master Sword will come in handy in battles such as these, alongside equipping your best armour to get ready for the battle.

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We've scoured the Tears of the Kingdom map and sought out all the Lynel locations where you can expect these beasts to spawn.

All Lynel locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Lynels can be found sporadically in almost every section of the Tears of the Kingdom map. Here's every Lynel location we've found so far, broken down by region.

All the Lynel locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
All the Lynel locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Central Hyrule

  • Red-Maned Lynel: West Hyrule Plains (1)


  • Red-Maned Lynel: Deep Akkala (2)
  • White-Maned Lynel: Ukuku Plains (3)


  • Blue-Maned Lynel: Lanayru Heights (4)
  • Red-Maned Lynel: Rabia Plain (5)


  • White-Maned Lynel: Kamah Plateau (6)


  • Silver Lynel: Nautelle Wetlands (7)


  • White-Maned Lynel: Risoka Snowfield (8)
  • Red-Maned Lynel: Lake Illumeni (9)


  • Silver Lynel: Tama Pond (10)
  • Blue-Maned Lynel: South of Hebra West Summit, near Tauyosipun Shrine (11)

Keep in mind that different Lynel variants may spawn in some locations.

If you're looking for your first Lynel fight, we'd suggest the one near the West Hyrule Plains as a good place to start. The Red-Maned Lynel here is close to Lookout Landing, so it's probably one of the first Lynels you'll encounter and isn't as strong as its Silver or White-Maned counterparts.

Of course, this doesn't mean the fight will be easy. Make sure to stock up on plenty of food and weapons to even stand a chance. In particular, any food that boosts your attack will hopefully give you the edge.

While there are no Lynel locations in the Great Sky Islands, we do know of some Lynels residing in the depths. Most notably, the Floating Coliseum in Central Hyrule Depths will see you fight 5 Lynels in a row, rewarding you with a pretty special item that we won't spoil here...

How to beat Lynel in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Based on our encounters with Lynels in both Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild, here are a few of our main tips to help you beat them.

  • Different Lynels have different amounts of health. This includes: Red-Maned Lynel (2000HP), Blue-Maned Lynel (3000HP), White-Maned Lynel (4000HP) and Silver Lynel (5000HP)
  • Sneak up and mount the Lynel before engaging. Instead of pressing ZL and attempting to soothe it, start attacking until you're flung off.
  • Lynels are among the most aggressive enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, so we'd recommend taking a defensive approach, especially during your first encounter. A Hylian Shield should be particularly useful here.
    • This means lots of running and dodging or making use of any updrafts from their fire attack to glide away.
  • Make use of the Flurry Rush dodge technique when you do attack.
  • As with all enemies, arrow headshots will temporarily stun a Lynel, allowing you to move in for a few shots before running away or mounting. The best time to go for these is just after the Lynel charges.
    • Fuse a Keese Eyeball onto your arrows for additional homing effects for these headshots.

Lynel rewards in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As some of the strongest enemies in the game, defeating a Lynel will see them drop some pretty valuable materials.

Depending on the Lynel, you will receive a variant of a Lynel's Mace Horn and a Lynel's Saber Horn. These are particularly useful materials to fuse with weapons or to create elixirs.

They will also drop variants of a triple-shot Lynel Bow and Lynel Shield, some of the strongest items in the game. Alternatively, you can sell these to earn rupees.

If you're wanting to keep farming Lynels for their rewards, you'll need to wait until after a Blood Moon for the Lynel to respawn in the same location.

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