From the moment we saw the trailer, we knew The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would carry the "dark sequel" trope. With heavier narrative themes for a broken Hyrule, it was always going to be less cheerful than 2017's Breath of the Wild.


But we weren't quite prepared for how literal this darkness would be. The Depths, a whole new underground map, is about as dark and gloomy as can be. When you begin exploring this creepy area, you'll need to stock up on Brightbloom Seeds if you don't want to rely on the sparse fires for your vision.

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The Depths isn't an empty wilderness, after all. It has abandoned mines to explore, unique enemies to fight, and challenging puzzles to solve.

However, you'll be happy to hear that you won't have to rely on Brightbloom Seeds the whole time. There are points on the map called Lightroots that, as their name suggests, light up the darkness for you. They also become a fast travel point once you've activated them. Things don't seem so gloomy anymore, right? We'll share the location of each Lightroot below.

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All Lightroot locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – full Depths map

Be sure to check out the video from JSkeleton's Nintendo World below. It not only shows you the complete map of The Depths, but a few tips on how to navigate the area. You'll also see what a Lightroot looks like, and how to activate it.

Skip ahead to two minutes into the video to see the full Depths map with all the Lightroot locations:

Rather than go through every location, we'll mention an interesting point (you might notice it eventually). The locations of the Lightroots are all directly below the Shrines' locations on the upper world map.

So the Lightroots are directly under the Shrines. If you have a Shrine on your main map, mark that exact spot on your Depths map (it's pretty much a mirror image), head there and you'll find a Lightroot.

And here's another fun fact: the names of the Lightroots, the eagle-eyed of you might have noticed, are the reverse of their respective Shrines. Pretty cool.

So if you take a look at our Shrines page, you'll know exactly where the Lightroots are! Good luck exploring The Depths.

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