At long, long last, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is upon here, bringing back a mountain of new shrine locations to explore.


Alongside the Skyview Towers and Great Fairy Fountains, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom shrines behave in a similar manner as they did in Breath of the Wild. These mini-dungeons will teach players about certain elements of the game or test their skills.

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However, before you set off on your quest to find and complete every one of these mini-dungeons, you’ll need to find the first four Shrines to leave the Great Sky Island tutorial area. Make sure to also grab some warm clothes from this area, too, as they'll definitely help you out during the early game.

Completing each of the first four Shrines will award Link with a new power-up that will prove vital moving forward. This prologue is mandatory but you will still need to know the locations of the Shrines.

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We've put together a complete Tears of the Kingdom Shrines map of Hyrule, so, read on to discover all the Shrine locations.

All Shrine locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

We've divided up our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrine map into various regions across Hyrule, which should help break up the daunting task of visiting every Shrine location.

Keep in mind that some of the Shrines may be slightly hidden or in tricky locations, so you might need to do some more exploring even when you're in the general area of the Shrine. If you're lucky, you might even find a Korok Seed while searching.

If you're wanting to explore more organically, as with Breath of the Wild, new Shrines emit a slight glow, so we'd recommend moving to high ground and scouting Hyrule with your Scope (press down on the right stick to use it). Some Shrines will only unlock via side quests, so make sure to talk to every NPC whenever you enter a new location.

If you want to make things easier, Tears of the Kingdom's Purah Pad - much like the Sheikah Slate in Breath of the Wild - includes a Shrine Sensor upgrade. This can be unlocked at the Hateno Village Research Lab after you advance the 'Camera Work in the Depths' and 'Mystery of The Depths' quests, set by Josha and Robbie in Lookout Landing.

Central Hyrule Shrine Locations

All Shrine locations in Central Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Makurukis Shrine
  2. Runakit Shrine
  3. Taki-Ihaban Shrine
  4. Sinakawak Shrine
  5. Ishodaq Shrine
  6. Serutabomac Shrine
  7. Sepapa Shrine
  8. Ren-iz Shrine
  9. Kyononis Shrine
  10. Yamiyo Shrine
  11. Jojon Shrine
  12. Sonapen Shrine
  13. Usazum Shrine
  14. Tsutsu-um Shrine
  15. Riogok Shrine
  16. Susuyai Shrine
  17. Mayachin Shrine
  18. Kyukuogun Shrine
  19. Kamizun Shrine
  20. Jiosin Shrine
  21. Teniten Shrine
  22. Tajikats Shrine
  23. Tukarok Shrine
  24. Morok Shrine
  25. Jonsau Shrine
  26. Makasura Shrine

Akkala Shrine Locations

All Shrine locations in Akkala in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  1. Jiotak Shrine
  2. Isim Shrine
  3. Marakuguc Shrine
  4. Timawak Shrine
  5. Sibajitak Shrine
  6. Sitsum Shrine
  7. Moshapin Shrine
  8. Kisinona Shrine
  9. Kimayat Shrine
  10. Momosik Shrine
  11. Mayachideg Shrine
  12. Domizuin Shrine
  13. Kamatukis Shrine
  14. Sinatanika Shrine
  15. Jochi-ihiga Shrine
  16. Igashuk Shrine
  17. Rasiwak Shrine
  18. Jochi-iu Shrine
  19. Gemimik Shrine
  20. Rasitakiwak Shrine
  21. Gatanisis Shrine

Lanayru Shrine Locations

All Shrine locations in Lanayru
  1. Maoikes Shrine
  2. Joniu Shrine
  3. Mogawak Shrine
  4. Ihen-a Shrine
  5. Apogek Shrine
  6. Yomizuk Shrine
  7. Kurakat Shrine
  8. O-ogim Shrine
  9. Jogou Shrine
  10. Zakusu Shrine
  11. Jikais Shrine

Necluda Shrine Locations

All Shrine locations in Necluda
  1. Susub Shrine
  2. Jochisiu Shrine
  3. Jiukoum Shrine
  4. En-oma Shrine
  5. Utojis Shrine
  6. Eshos Shrine
  7. Tokiy Shrine
  8. Zanmik Shrine
  9. Mayahisik Shrine
  10. Adenamimik Shrine
  11. Utsushok Shrine
  12. Joju-u-u Shrine
  13. Sifumim Shrine
  14. Bamitok Shrine
  15. Marari-in Shrine

Faron Shrine Locations

All Shrine locations in Faron
  1. Tadarok Shrine
  2. Kitawak Shrine
  3. Motsusis Shrine
  4. Ishokin Shrine

Gerudo Desert

All Shrine locations in Gerudo Desert
  1. Kudanisar Shrine
  2. Mayatat Shrine
  3. Soryotanog Shrine
  4. Chichim Shrine
  5. Miryotanog Shrine
  6. Karahatag Shrine
  7. Irasak Shrine
  8. Turakmik Shrine
  9. Siwakama Shrine

Gerudo Highlands

All Shrine locations in Gerudo Highlands
  1. Iun-orok Shrine
  2. Gasas Shrine
  3. Turakawak Shrine
  4. Otutsum Shrine
  5. Mayamats Shrine
  6. Rotsumamu Shrine
  7. Suariwak Shrine
  8. Rakakudaj Shrine


All Shrine locations in Hebra
  1. Otak Shrine
  2. Eutoum Shrine
  3. Tauyosipun Shrine
  4. Rutafu-um Shrine
  5. Sisuran Shrine
  6. Sahriow Shrine
  7. Wao-os Shrine
  8. Gatakis Shrine
  9. Ikatak Shrine
  10. Oromuwak Shrine
  11. Nouda Shrine
  12. Orochium Shrine
  13. Mayausiy Shrine
  14. Kiuyoyou Shrine
  15. Oshozan-u Shrine
  16. Mayaotaki Shrine

Great Hyrule Forest

All Shrine locations in Great Hyrule Forest
  1. Kikakin Shrine
  2. Tenmaten Shrine
  3. Ekochiu Shrine
  4. Sakunbomar Shrine
  5. Musanokir Shrine
  6. Ninjis Shrine
  7. Pupunke Shrine
  8. Sikukuu Shrine
  9. Minetak Shrine
  10. Mayak Shrine

Alongside these 120 Shrines, the Sky Islands include an additional 32 Shrines on the various floating islands. You can check out the locations of these Shrines at the start of this video by YouTuber zzFuzzy:

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrines - First 4 locations

If you're still exploring the the tutorial area, Great Sky Island, see below and we'll explain where the four Shrines on this opening expanse can be found. You need to complete these Shrines before you can move onto the main map!


After Link wakes up in the prologue at the start of the game, he's entrusted with completing four Shrines on Great Sky Island. These first four Shrines have to be completed and can be found on the map screen above.

Each Shrine is pointed out as a blue diamond icon on the map and there is one in each of the north, east, south, and west of the island that need completing.

Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations - Ukouh Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations Ukouh Shrine

The Ukouh Shrine – 'The Ability to Create' – can be found in the north of Great Sky Island, just to the west of the Temple of Time.

Completing this Shrine effectively teaches Link how to use the Ultrahand. This is a vitally important tool in the game and lets you pick up objects in the environment and attach them to other items so you can craft vehicles and other useful things to solve puzzles.

Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations - In-isa Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations in-isa first four shrines

The In-isa Shrine – 'The Ability to Combine' – can be found on the west of Great Sky Island, overlooking a large lake.

Completing this Shrine will help you master the Fuse ability. This lets Link attach different materials to weapons and shields. Doing so lets you change weapon stats and give them elemental effects including fire, ice, etc.

Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations - Gutanbac Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations Gutanbac Shrine

The Gutanbac Shrine – 'The Ability to Rise' – is located on the east of Great Sky Island, on a high point between two Bottomless Caves.

Completing this Shrine teaches you the basics of the Ascend ability. Using this power, Link can rise up through the ceiling of most rooms, which can be a real time-saver when climbing and needed to complete specific puzzles.

Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations - Nachoyah Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations Nachoyah Shrine

The Nachoyah Shrine – 'The Ability to Rewind' can be found in the south of Great Sky Island, just south of a Mining Cave. Although it is quite close to the 'Room of Awakening' where Link first wakes up, it'll be a lot easier to find/reach once you've got the Ascend ability.

Completing this Shrine will teach Link how to best use the Recall ability. This power lets Link rewind time on certain objects, giving him the ability to bring back platforms that just floated away and more.

How many Shrines are in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and how do you find them?

There are 152 Shrines to find in Tears of the Kingdom, so visiting all the Shrine locations is quite the feat.

Split between 32 Shrines on the Sky Islands and 120 on the Surface World, these will test your combat and puzzle skills, rewarding you with some nice loot and a Light of Blessing.

This key item is needed to upgrade your health or stamina at a Goddess Statue, helping you climb or glide for longer without a break.

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