The land of Hyrule is certainly full of peril and you’ll need all sorts of goodies to make your time easier in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. One such danger are Hyrule’s 'unbearable cold' regions. If unprotected in these areas, Link will take damage and succumb to the cruel frost.


Mercifully, you can keep Link safe and warm by munching on Cold Resistance-giving food and adorning him in cosy garments and you can even beat the elements early in the game if you know where to look.

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You can also make Link’s life in Hyrule easier by getting back the Master Sword and Hylian Shield or using the paraglider with reckless abandon, flinging yourself from the Skyview Towers to find all the Geoglyphs and Shrines.

Fortunately, we know exactly where all the best items are so read on how to find out how to survive the cold in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We've got intel on where to find free warm clothes, where to buy more warm clothes, and how to cook warming food for extra Cold Resistance bonuses.

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How to survive the 'unbearable cold' in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


There are two ways in which you can survive the 'unbearable cold' in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Firstly, you can wear warm clothes. Secondly, you can cook some food that grants timed Cold Resistance.

In the tutorial area Great Sky Island, where your access to new gear is pretty limited, the best way to survive the cold areas of the map is to cook warm food that comes with a Cold Resistance timer. Typically speaking, this food will keep Link warm for a few minutes at a time (the game lets you know how long each meal’s Cold Resistance lasts).

To cook this food in the prologue area, you need to find a cooking pot and the correct ingredients. Be on the lookout for spicy red peppers dangling from trees. Fortunately, the cooking pot and some peppers can be found nearby to one another in and around a helpful cave.

Head inside Pit Cave on the right (see location in the images above and below) before heading into the icy area to the left of its entrance. Inside the cave, a friendly robot will teach you how to cook. Grab some spicy peppers from the entrance of Pit Cave and cook ‘em up for some Spicy Sautéed Peppers.


You can eat the spicy peppers right away but its best to cook them to increase the Cold Resistance timer. Stock up on this food before heading into a cold area.

And here's a little tip while you're in this location: if you go right to the back of Pit Cave, and climb upwards, there's another whole area to explore up there. You'll find more Spicy Peppers up there and plenty of other things.

The other way to survive cold zones is to equip Link with warm clothes and gear. Keep on reading for more details on that.

How to get warm clothes free and early in Great Sky Island

Before you leave the Great Sky Island tutorial area, there is one way (that we know of) to pick up some warm clothes without having to pay.

Make sure you have the Ascend ability, which can be gained by completing the Gutanbac Shrine. Conveniently, all you need to do from here is head to a giant tree stump which is right next to the Shrine.

Nearby you'll be able to find some Archaic Warm Greaves. To see the exact location of these warm trousers, check out the handy video below by 100% Guides.

Use the Ascend ability to float up through the overhanging platform and head into the hollow base of the tree. To the right of the other opening is a treasure chest. In here you will find the Archaic Warm Greaves that offer two Defence and one Cold Resistance, a real lifesaver in the early game for sure!

Where to buy clothes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom warm clothes location

There is one known location to buy better warm clothes in Tears of the Kingdom and that’s from Nekk’s Armour Shop in Rito Village.

Nekk’s shop is one of several shopping locations in the treehouse at Rito Village. The village itself can be found in the Hebra region, way off to the western are (AKA the left-hand side) of the map.

This village is near to the Gatakis Shrine within Lake Totori. You can see the Tears of the Kingdom warm clothes armour shop location in the image below:


You’ll need plenty of rupees saved up for these warm clothes, mind. That Snowquill Tunic, Headdress, and Trousers don’t come cheap, you know. Now get out there and stay warm. We don’t want Link to catch a cold.

Last time we looked, the Headdress was 650 rupees while the tunic was 500 and the trousers were 1000.

And here's an important note to close on: the more of these items you wear, the lower temperatures you'll be able to survive.

If you're planning to tackle the chilly areas surrounding the Wind Temple, for example, you'll want to be wearing at least two items of warm clothing before you head to that western 'regional phenomena'. Once Link stops shivering, he'll surely be ready for anything!

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