The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of big baddies to defeat and rewards to collect, and this includes the Lynel. Lynels can be found scattered across the open-world game’s massive map and they are probably the most difficult foes you’ll encounter in Hyrule.


There are five different types of Lynel in Breath of the Wild: Red-Maned, Blue-Maned, White-Maned, Silver, and Gold. Each one is stronger than the last and Gold Lynels can only be found in the Master Mode that is part of The Master Trials DLC.

Defeating a Lynel will take a great amount of skill and perseverance (make sure you’re stocked up on weapons and food!) but we’re here to help you find them.

Regardless, finding and defeating them will award you with some fantastic loot, including Lynel Horns, Lynel Hooves, Lynel Guts, Gems, and powerful weapons.

If you’re up for the challenge, here is where to find all Lynel locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

All Lynel locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

By watching the video above from YouTuber Montii Collects, you will be able to find and locate all 22 Red-Maned, Blue-Maned, and White-Maned Lynels in Breath of the Wild. If you’d rather follow a written list with all locations, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the complete list of Breath of the Wild Lynel locations (bear in mind that Lynels will be in and around these areas as they do move around a little):

  • Red-Maned Lynels:
    • Central Hyrule | Coliseum Ruins
    • Lake Tower Region | North Oseira Plains
    • Lake Tower Region | South Oseira Plains
    • Faron Region | Head west of Riola Spring
    • Hateno Region | Head north of Purifier Lake
    • Ploymus Mountain | Just above where it reads ‘Ploymus Mountain’ on the map screen
    • Ridgeland Region | Head south from Mount Rhoam, west from Seres Scablands
  • Blue-Maned Lynels:
    • Lanayru Region | Right in the middle between Lodrum Headland and Tarm Point
    • Akkala Region | To the north west of North Akkala Valley
    • Akkala Region | To the south of Akkala Wilds
    • Woodland Region | To the west of Elma Knolls
    • Gerudo Region | To the north west of Laparoh Mesa
    • Hebra Region | Head west from Lake Kilsie
    • Central Hyrule | First Gatehouse within Hyrule Castle
  • White-Maned Lynels:
    • Central Hyrule | Second Gatehouse within Hyrule Castle
    • Gerudo Region | Head south of Gerudo Summit
    • Woodland Region | To the north east of East Deplian Badlands (should be just above the final letter ‘s’ where it reads ‘East Deplian Badlands’ on the map screen)
    • Woodland Region | Head south and a little west from Deplian Badlands
    • Woodland Region | Head north east of Drenan Highlands (should be just above the letter ‘s’ where it reads ‘Drenan Highlands’ on the map screen)
    • Hebra Region | To the north of N. Tabantha Snowfield
      • There should be three White-Maned Lynels in this area, one directly north, one to the north west, and one to the north east

As for Silver Lynels, these should appear as you progress further into the game. You should find that Silver Lynels take the place of the others and have way more health. It seems as though 18 of the 22 total Lynels can upgrade to Silver. You should, therefore, find them in many of the locations listed above.

Golden Lynels are found only in Master Mode, part of The Master Trials DLC. These are the strongest of the lot and will take some besting.

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