If you've decided a Switch is worth it and you've nabbed a great Switch offer, you might be wondering how to connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV, given that it's a handheld console.


Fortunately, we at RadioTimes.com are on hand to guide you through the process, which is actually quite simple.

We assume it will be the same for the long-rumoured upcoming next-gen Switch 2 as well, unless Nintendo will defy expectations and bring out something truly unique.

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But once your console is all set up, you'll be able to enjoy the best Nintendo Switch games - and if you have children, some great family-friendly games too!

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If you do intend to not just keep your Switch at the TV, you'll want to check out the best Nintendo Switch power banks, as well as some Micro SD cards to store all your games on.

But no doubt you will be absolutely itching to play some great games on the big screen, so read on!

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Get the dock plugged into the mains and connected to your TV via HDMI.
Get the dock plugged into the mains and connected to your TV via HDMI. Nintendo

As shown in the image above, taken from the Nintendo website, connecting your Switch to the TV is quite simple. You'll need to plug the Switch dock into the wall, connect the dock to your TV with the included HDMI cable, and slot your Switch into the dock itself.

We've also got some steps for you, if that isn't making sense, so check out these tips on how to connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV:

  • Open up the back cover of the Nintendo Switch Dock.
  • Connect the USB plug from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the top terminal of the dock (it is labelled as AC ADAPTER, just so you know what to look for).
  • Now connect the other end of the AC adapter to the wall outlet.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the bottom terminal of the Dock that is labelled HDMI OUT.
  • Now you will need to connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your TV or monitor of choice.
  • Close the Nintendo Switch dock’s back cover.
  • Remove the Joy-Con controllers.
  • Insert the console into the dock but the LCD screen needs to face the front. The LCD screen will turn off after getting docked so you know you're on the right track.
  • Now turn on your TV, head to the correct HDMI source and you're good to go!

Note: the steps above will work for the original Nintendo Switch and the newer Nintendo Switch OLED Model, but you cannot connect a Switch Lite to a TV in this way (or any other official way).

Can you connect a Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV?

No, you cannot connect your Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV in any official capacity.

There's no beating around the bush needed here. The Nintendo Switch Lite is not designed to be played on your TV and it actually does not even have the hardware in there to make it happen.

Over on Reddit, however, of course, fans are sharing their unique ways to circumvent the hardware in the Switch Lite to (sort of) get it running on a TV.

To make that method work, you'll need a phone-to-TV cable, a tripod for your phone, a 3mm audio cable to output your Switch sounds into some headphones or speakers, a spare controller to connect to your Switch Lite, and the patience to set all of that up!

And even then, you'll have to put up with some lag between the console and the display. Not worth the hassle, we'd say, but you've got to admire the effort.

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