Most of us love our Nintendo Switch, and you're unlikely to hear a complaint from the team when we're talking about it. However, Nintendo did drop the ball somewhat when it came to giving us a decent amount of storage space to keep our games installed on the console.


It doesn't take long after buying one to realise that space is a bit of an issue, especially with games like Animal Crossing which have had some huge updates. You'll soon be at the point where something will need to be deleted if you want to play something new — an ever annoying chore for the Technology and Gaming teams!

With that in mind, taking a look at what memory cards you can get to give that storage space an all-important boost is a wise move and there is plenty out there to choose from various sizes.

The best Nintendo Switch games can be purchased online and downloaded so picking up a micro SD card is a smart move you should strongly consider, particularly with some of the games on the way that will likely be on the large side — we're looking at you Breath of the Wild 2.

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What is the best micro SD card for Nintendo Switch?

There are a variety of memory card sizes, brands and types to choose from. Below, we've broken down what you should look for below to get the best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch devices.

Do you need a micro SD card for Nintendo Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch device comes with 32GB of internal storage plus compatibility with memory cards for additional storage of up to a potential of 2TB.

As an idea, some of the bigger games can use upwards of 10GB each so if you intend to download multiple big-name games you may run out of space quite quickly. To download and play new games, you may need to delete ones you already have to allow enough space.

To avoid having to do that, you can purchase a separate micro SD card which can be inserted into your device and store more of your games altogether.

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What micro SD card are compatible for Nintendo Switch?

In terms of Nintendo Switch SD card capability, there are two types of cards which will work with the console, according to Nintendo. These are the microSDHC and microSDXC types of micro SD cards.

If you’re buying a memory card for your Nintendo Switch, make sure it is one of the above or it won’t be compatible with your device. If in doubt, you can purchase the officially licensed Nintendo Switch memory card by SanDisk.

What is the micro SD card size for Nintendo switch?

There are a range of memory card sizes depending on what you need and how much you are willing to spend. Sizes range from around 16GB to up to technically 2TB, although memory cards of this size are not currently available (though the device can support it for when they are in the future).

As an idea of how huge this is, the maximum capacity Xbox Series X currently has is 1TB, so you shouldn’t need a card quite this big with current games.

Even a medium sized 64GB micro SD card would provide double the amount of additional storage.

One of the biggest sizes is usually a 400GB card although you can now get cards up 512GB in size. As the capacity increases, the price tends to follow so it’s best to look at how games you’ll be looking at downloading and what size is going to be right for you.

Where does a micro SD card go in a Nintendo Switch?

A memory card can be easily inserted into a Nintendo Switch device and the slot for the card can be found underneath the stand.

To insert the card, first make sure your device is turned off and push the memory card gently into the slot with the label facing up (away from the device). You should hear it click into place and then it’s ready to go.

Best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch at a glance:

10 of the best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch

SanDisk microSDXC (officially licensed) - 64GB

SanDisk 64GB

Best for those who love to have all their games ready to play.

SanDisk microSDXC (officially licensed) – 128GB

SanDisk 128GB

Best for those who buy a lot of games and want easy access to them all.

SanDisk microSDXC (officially licensed) - 256GB

SanDisk 256

Best for the avid gamer who is always running low on storage space.

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Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC – 16GB

Kingston 16

Best for Switch gamers who only need a small increase in space.

Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC – 32GB

Kingston 32GB

Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC – 64GB

Kingston 64GB

Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC – 128GB

Kingston 128GB

Kingston Canvas Select microSDXC – 256GB

Kingston 256GB

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC – 400GB

SanDisk 400GB

Best for Nintendo Switch gamers that use up a lot of storage space quickly.

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC – 512GB

SanDisk 512GB

Best for gamers that do not want to have to think about storage space again.


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