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5 of the best power banks for Nintendo Switch and which type you need

Keep gaming for longer with a portable charger.

Nintendo Switch portable chargers
Published: Monday, 22nd June 2020 at 12:19 pm

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your battery running low while you're in the middle of a game and being miles away from a plug socket. That’s why a Nintendo Switch portable charger can be such as useful piece of kit to have on you, when you’re out and about or on a trip.


There are lots of different types of battery packs with different functions and capacities to choose from. Below, we explain the basics to help you choose the best power bank for Nintendo Switch to suit your needs and include a few suggested options for you to buy.

So whether you're considering the Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders, or just want something to keep your old Nintendo Switch topped up on the go, here is our pick of the best power banks for Nintendo Switch.

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Energy efficiency - how long does a Nintendo Switch charge last?

How long you can keep playing without having to plug in depends on which type of Nintendo Switch device you have.

If you have the current Nintendo Switch you’re looking at around 4.5 – 9 hours playing time, depending on the game and what you’re using it for.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is slightly lower, with around 3 – 7 hours on a single charge. If you have the original version of the Switch from a few years ago, however, you’ll be looking at a little less playing time again, at around 2.5 – 6.5 hours.

If you want to extend the time you can play for, you can plug in a power bank which will charge while you continue playing. A Nintendo Switch portable charger will offer more juice in terms of battery life but not in memory capacity, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it might be worth checking out our list of the best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch.

What size power bank do I need for Nintendo Switch?

Amazon Nintendo Switch

The size power bank you need depends on how long you’ll be wanting to play your device for away from plug sockets.

The battery capacity in power banks is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). The higher the figure, the longer the battery pack will be able to power your device for.

For most journeys or days out up to 10,000mAh should be enough to keep you going and boost your playing time by a good few hours, depending on the games used.

20,000mAh versions are also available and would work well if you had a long international flight or if you have multiple electronic devices you’ll be charging with it.

There are also 30,000mAh versions and above which can potentially charge your Nintendo Switch multiple times over. For most people ,these are unnecessarily large unless you are going to be away from mains electric for days at a time.

Which power bank should I buy for Nintendo Switch?

The size of the Nintendo Switch portable charger you choose is up to personal preference. The larger the capacity, the heavier and more expensive it is likely to be, so it’s worth considering what it is you will actually need.

There are also a number of functions available on different models such as quick charge capabilities, stands and multiple ports for different leads. Such features may or may not be useful for you but are likely to figure in the price, so it can pay off to check this out first.

If it’s things like headsets and extra controllers you’re looking for, we’ve also found some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories too.

5 of the best power banks for Nintendo Switch

Anker Nintendo Switch Portable Power Bank (20100mAh), £39.99

Anker Nintendo Switch Portable Power Bank (20100mAh)

Best for: officially licensed

If you want to ensure you have the proper kit, this Nintendo Switch power bank from Anker is branded with the device's logo for guaranteed compatibility. It’s also able to automatically adapt for other devices to charge them as efficiently as possible. You do pay more for the official licensing, but it is guaranteed for two years.

Buy now at Very for £39.99

Venom Switch Power Bank with Kick Stand (10,000mAh), £19.99

Venom Switch Power Bank

Best for: practicality while playing

This 10,000mAh is ideal for things like train journeys as the Nintendo Switch power bank has a built-in stand. This means you can easily prop your device and continue playing wherever you are, without worrying about standing it up with wires in the way.

Buy now at GAME for £19.99

Jonkuu Portable Power Bank Chargers (20000mAh), £21.99

Jonkuu Portable Power Bank Chargers (20000mAh)

Best for: value for high capacity

This power bank has generous power capacity for a fair price compared to other battery packs. It is compatible with other devices like smartphones and tablets and should automatically shut down in the case of a short circuit or overload.

Buy now at Amazon for £21.99

RAVPower Power Bank Portable Charger (6700mAh), £10.99


Best for: out and about

This Nintendo Switch power bank is compact at around the same size as a debit card. It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to carry around for everyday use, with 6700mAh power. This battery pack should also automatically shutdown if overloading.

Buy now at Amazon for £10.99

Romoss Portable Charger (30000mAh), £32.99

Romoss Portable Charger (30000mAh)

Best for: big trips or multiple devices

This large capacity charger is ideal for camping trips or periods away from the usual electricity points. With different sized ports it should be able to power up multiple devices and has quick charge capabilities to get things moving faster, too.

Buy now at Amazon for £32.99


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