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6 of the best Nintendo Switch chargers

Keep your Switch in the game!

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch differs from the competition in a couple of key ways. Firstly, there are a ton of Nintendo exclusives that the console has from big franchises like Mario and Zelda, and it can also be used as a regular console through your TV or as a handheld device.


But if you have the console, and you have a selection of the best Nintendo Switch games, along with the best memory cards for Nintendo Switch that are important if you plan on owning a lot of titles, you could find yourself in need of either a replacement charger if yours breaks, or a back up one to take away with you.

There are many different chargers on the market that can be used with the Switch, some for the console and some just for the controllers, and we have gone through and rounded up six of the best you can get right now.

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6 of the best Nintendo Switch chargers

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter


If you picked up a Switch brand new, then you will almost certainly have one of these chargers already. As the official charger from Nintendo for the switch, it does what you need it to do and is sturdy and dependable.

But there is always a risk of something going wrong with anything you buy and as such you may want a backup charger so that you don’t find yourself without one at a crucial time. If that sounds like you then you can do much worse than buying the OG charger for the console.

Venom Nintendo Switch Power Supply 

venom switch charger

If you own a pro controller, the type that looks like a more traditional console controller then you will find that it charges differently to the joy-con ones that you generally get when you buy a Switch console brand new.

Well, the Venom Nintendo Switch Power Supply is a great charging unit to get if you do own one as it charges the pro controller as well as the main console which makes it one of the more versatile charging devices that you can pick up for the switch.

Newsaiteng Replacement Charger for Nintendo Switch 

newsaiteng switch charger

A simple but effective charger that you can buy for your Nintendo Switch, – and it chargers the pro controller too! Coming it with a low cost attached to it, this may not be the fanciest charger than you find on the market but it does all you need it to do.

And as a bonus, this does not just charge your Switch console and accessories as it can also be used to power up several devices that you may already have in your home – including the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other USB Type C devices.

PowerA Charging Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

powera joy con charger

This is a nifty charging device that allows you to slot joy-con controllers on the front and the back – meaning that it can give power to up to 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously. 

PowerA Charging Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers is lightweight and ways to use with the controllers simply sliding into the charging dock and gaining power at a quick rate. Just pop them in the device and wait for the light to green and that’s it, really simple!

FASTSNAIL Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch

fastsnail switch charger

The FASTSNAIL Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch is a great purchase, at a low cost, for those who own both the Nintendo Switch and the budget version, the Nintendo Switch Lite. Weighing a mere 38g, this is perfect to take out and about wherever you are going.

And even better is that you can play the Switch while it is charging – so no more annoying moments like getting to a crucial bit of a game, only to have to wait for your console to charge up again; music to our gaming ears!

FYOUNG Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons 

fyoung switch dock

The FYOUNG Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons is a great charging unit for owners of the Nintendo Switch that own multiple sets of the joy-con controllers as it s able to charge p to 6 of them at any one time.

While you can use this to charge the controllers and the console, it is also a great buy if you want somewhere to keep them all together in one place. Pop this on your shelf and you will always have somewhere to store everything – minimising the risk of them being left on the side and prone for accidental spillage.


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