One of the few downsides of the Nintendo Switch being able to switch between being a console you can connect to your TV and a handheld device is the risk of it being dropped which would be a costly mistake to make if you have not taken precautions.


Not only that, but carrying everything around can be an issue with the tiny game cartridges being easy to lose and the wealth of possible accessories piling up the longer you have it.

So the best thing you can do if this sums you up is to buy yourself a Nintendo Switch case as no only will it keep your console safe, but it provides an easy way to keep all your Switch game and gadgets in one secure place when you are on the move.

We have rounded up some of the best Nintendo Switch protective cases that you can buy right now.

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What to look for in a protective case for your Switch

  • Check the reviews and make sure others have said it is as safe as the manufacturer claims it to be.
  • Keep an eye on what can fit inside. Some can only hold the console and a few games and if you want to take all your accessories too, then you will need to look out for a bigger one.
  • Make sure the case has something in it that will keep the screen free from scratches. Most decent ones will have a separate place to store the console and they are usually covered with an extra layer that s there specifically for the screen.

6 of the best Nintendo Switch cases

13-in-1 Case & Accessories Kit for Nintendo Switch

Best for those who love to game while on the move


This large storage capacity carrying case has been designed to fit in everything you can possibly need for your Switch if you need to either take it with you somewhere or if you just want a place at home to keep everything safe and secure in the same place.

This case may be compact, but it has many different sections in there that do not just keep the console itself safe, but also provides spaces for you to put games, spare thumb grips, or anything else that you could possibly want to keep close to you for your switch.

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PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch

Best for those who value style as much as they do gaming


Want to look good while ensuring that your Nintendo Switch and all that comes with it are safe from dust and damage? If so, this could very well be the carry case/bag that you have been looking for.

The PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag has space for all your Switch related products from the console itself to the games and all the accessories that come with it. Just carry it all around like you would a normal bag, only this one is full of all your gaming goodies.

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Protective Hard Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories

Best for those don't take their Nintendo Switch out all that often

nintendo switch case

A smaller Nintendo switch carry-case than some others that you can buy, this one is perfect if you do not take your Switch out all that often and only want to take some of your games and accessories out on the road with you.

This case has several specially made compartments that are made with safety in mind. So if you are taking your Switch out and about and it is secured in this, you should be able to breathe easier that you will not be accidentally breaking it thanks to a clumsy moment.

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Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

Best for those who own the Nintendo Switch Lite

switch lite case

While there are many Nintendo switch carry cases that you can get that will give a safe home to either the main Switch console or the Lite, if you only own the Lite then you may want to invest in one that is designed specifically for it.

The Orzly Carry Case is a great one to choose as not only does it come with a respectable price tag, it also comes in a choice of eleven different colours so the chances are that you will be able to find one that takes your fancy. And because of the size, you can easily carry it or slip it into a backpack and know that it will be safe while you travel.

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FINTIE Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Best for those who want to take a lot of games out and about with them

fintie switch carrier

With the FINTIE carry case, you can be assured that your Nintendo Switch console will be safe thanks to the Hard EVA shell that it uses – specifically designed to ensure that the screen is safe from potential scratches and bumps that it could face as you are out and about.

A Built-in Elastic Strap attaches itself to the Switch for extra protection and it comes with an additional pouch that you can use for the charger and other smaller accessories that you may want to take away with you.

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PALPOW Ultra Slim Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Best for those who travel with the Switch every now and then

animal crossing switch case

Perfect for lovers of Animal Crossing: New Horizon, this case not only helps to keep your console and games safe and free from dust and scratches, but it also comes with some beloved Animal Crossing characters as part of the design.

The PALPOW Ultra Slim Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is made with two layers of PU leather, sure to keep everything safe and secure, it also has space for you to take up to five games out and about with you on your travels.

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