Even though a next-gen Switch 2 is in the works, we think with the best Switch deals, the handheld console is well worth it - and for newcomers, we have how to charge your Nintendo Switch controllers and console explained.


Given that the console is used on the go and at home, confusion about how to power the darn thing is understandable, especially since most consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation live a sedentary life plugged in underneath the telly.

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If you have just bought one (or are planning to), you get to play the best Switch games and family-friendly titles right without having to wait for what could well be up to a year for the new Switch 2

You might want to pick up a power bank for your Switch to keep it charged on the go, and a Micro SD card to store all your games, too.

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But that's quite enough rambling from us. Read on to see how to charge your Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con controllers!

How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers

There is a really simple way to charge the Nintendo Switch controllers – just dock them to the sides of the console itself. As long as the main tablet-like part of the console has power, it will start charging the controllers the second that you connect them and it does not take too long.

If the controllers and the console both need charge, you'll need to connect the whole thing to your power supply. You will have received a charger with your console, and you can either keep this in your dock or just use it like a traditional phone charger cable.

But how long does it take for Nintendo Switch controllers to charge? To hit full charge it will take around three hours, so you'll want to plan your play sessions around that.

But how do I know my Nintendo Switch controllers are charging? From the console's main home screen, click the 'Controllers' icon and it should show you if they are charging on there. If they aren't, try connecting them again and that should do the trick.

Another common question is this: how do you charge a Switch controller without a Switch? The answer is to buy a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip. That special version of the controller grip will allow you to keep playing without having to enter handheld mode. And it answers the question of how do you charge Joy-Cons without a dock!

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But what if you own a Nintendo Switch Pro controller? Well, you will notice the charging port on the controller and it is a trusty USB-C, a standard charger for many things including most phones that are not made by Apple.

One thing we do advise, whichever your preferred method is, is to just pop them on charge when you are not using them. If that becomes part of your gaming shutdown ritual then you will never be caught short with that annoying 'battery low' warning then tends to happen at the most crucial part of a game for us.

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