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Where to buy Xbox Series X and S: Stock update and availability at Amazon, Very, John Lewis and more

Xbox Series X and S is now on sale - we have the best retailers to check for stock as consoles go in and out of availability in the UK and USA.

xbox one x

It seems that those who were still hoping to pick up an Xbox Series X in 2020 are now out of luck as many retailers are now pointing to early 2021 for their next batch of consoles to sell – although you may still have a shot if you want the Series S.


The Xbox Series X (£449) is out of stock everywhere and what has come back in has been fleeting, while the digital Xbox Series S edition (£349) has popped up in a few places and it seems that will be the easier console to get – at least for the moment.

As of right now though, it’s still a waiting game of when more stock will arrive – same for PS5 stock.

When the stock does return, Smyths is a good place to look for the console, alongside a revamped Games Pass, as they will be the only ones to have Xbox All Access as an option when they have stock, which means you can pay for both monthly rather than outright – GAME has this offer too.

Previously, Very had the Series S in stock but not the topline Series X console – both consoles have been hard to come by and it sold out quickly. Same too with the Series S units in stock over at Argos – but at least they came back into stock and it seems more is on the way.

We’ll update this page when new Xbox Series S and X stock becomes available.

Xbox Series X UK stock availability

Buy Xbox Series X UK

Check the below links as more stock is being released today. Smyths, John Lewis and AO.com seem to get stock back in, and online stores have promised more stock is on its way all in time for Christmas.

Buy Xbox Series X USA

You can also nab a console on USA sites, Walmart is getting apparently getting stock tomorrow and just like the last generation of Xbox’s, the consoles are not geo-locked.

Where to buy Xbox Series X and S in the UK? 

John Lewis

John Lewis had plenty of stock for the Xbox Series X but held off pre-orders until some of the others had sold out so keep an eye out for returning stock in the next few weeks.


You can get Xbox All Access for £28.99 a month here when stock returns – looking likely to be in December.

Currys PC World

Both consoles are now sold out – more expected in the coming weeks.


As one of the most popular retailers, Amazon is struggling to keep up with the pre-order demand. However, they do regularly top-up stock throughout the day so do keep checking back. Warning: Amazon has said some customers may get stock after Christmas so check delivery dates. Both consoles are currently out of stock.


SimplyGames came through for gamers later in the day on Xbox pre-order day, so keep an eye on the site for when stock returns in the coming weeks.


Very did have Xbox Series X in stock and was a good place to look as the other retailers started to sell out.


AO.com had some stock live Xbox Series X and S, with instalment plans if you needed it. As with all other retailers though, they have now sold out.


Another retailer that proved useful on Xbox pre-order day was ShopTo.Net, again though they are out of stock at the time of writing.


No more popping into store on the release date, so check Tesco for collection or delivery.

How to get Xbox Series X on BT or EE

Update: The offer sold out fast, but it’s worth checking back.

BT customers have to log into their MyBT account to see the offer – there’s the consoles and accessories ready to go.

EE customers can add the cost of the new Xbox on to their mobile contract – paying 11 interest-free instalments as part of the Add to Plan service.

If you’re not a customer, there are a few EE Black Friday deals you can check out.

When will Xbox Series X and S be back in stock?

It still looks like more will be here imminently. Several outlets are saying they expect more stock in December and you would imagine that Microsoft will be working to get more units shipped out so customers still have a chance to grab one for Christmas.

When is my Xbox Series X/S pre-order arriving?

Pre-orders were available as of 22nd September at 8am in the UK – for both the top-dog Xbox Series X and the digital-only Xbox Series S. But while gamers had ample notice to pick one up, unlike what happened with the PS5 pre-order release, they still sold out extremely quickly, with several big retailers seeing their websites buckling under the pressure of how many people were trying to get hold of one.

We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest retailers and their stock levels, although you’ll have to be fast – stock disappears as quickly as it appears.

Xbox Series X review: “The next-generation of gaming arrives with a console that more than lives up to the hype. A sleek design and a super quiet machine, the Xbox Series X really shows what next-gen games can look like and does so in style. Long loading times already seem like a thing of the past and quick resume is a brilliant addition, while the small changes to the controller make all the difference. Add to that Gamespass that now includes the wealth of titles that come with EA Play and it is clear that Microsoft are onto a winner.”

Joe Julians

Xbox Series X Accessories

A selection of Xbox Series X accessories are also available now. However, good news for you existing Xbox owners who have already snapped up many of the great additions you can get for the console – they will work on the Xbox Series X too! So anything that you buy now will not need replacing and while there will likely be new, snazzier versions when the console launches, such as the controller, you won’t have to buy them straight away in order to make the most out of the new console.

And above are all the brands that have been officially licensed by Microsoft to make the accessories and as you can see, there are a lot of them!

Here are some of the items you can buy right now that will work on the Xbox One X.

And, you can obviously get a Xbox Game Pass to giving you access to more games and Xbox Live Gold for multiplayer gameplay.

Xbox One deals

Maybe you are yet to join the Xbox world and are considering investing an older console rather than the brand spanking new one. If so, here are some deals for the Xbox One deals that you may be interested in.


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