Radio Times DiscoverTV iPad app helps you decide what to watch on TV tonight

Download it now! The app will stop you missing any of your favourite shows – and it'll introduce you to plenty of new ones on TV, catch-up and on demand...

It’s here! If you’re an iPad user, get yourself to the App Store immediately and download the brand new Radio Times DiscoverTV app, an indispensable daily TV and radio recommendations service.


Our gorgeous new app cuts through the ever-increasing number of choices you’re faced with on hundreds of TV channels, radio stations, catch-up services and on-demand sites. It offers daily categorised recommendations, backed by the in-depth, independent reviews you expect from Radio Times.

The app will stop you missing any of your favourite shows – and it’ll introduce you to plenty of new ones. Which programme will everyone be talking about tomorrow? Use our app and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Radio Times DiscoverTV is a “freemium” app with a 30-day free trial of the premium features. A free limited service is available, without subscription, with easy-to use, 14-day customised TV and radio listings, by provider and location, and basic programme information. 

The premium service includes the above, plus:

* The distinctive Radio Times Choices section, with more daily recommendations and reviews than any other TV guide from a dedicated editorial team
Daily links to the best programmes on catch-up and on-demand services
A guide to the best films on TV and catch-up, with reviews from RT’s film guide
Reminder tool so you never miss your favourite shows
Exclusive video content including trailers, viral videos, interviews and Radio Times Tonight, a daily guide to tonight’s three must-watch TV shows
Direct one-tap access to programmes on 4oD and BBC iPlayer
Detailed programme information including cast and crew details


Download and try out Radio Times Tonight here: