Survival of the Fittest viewers think reality shows should ditch the muscles and models and have “real people” with “different body types”

"Why can't these shows have guys and girls in all different body sizes and shapes?" "They're dishing out weight disorders and low self esteem..."

Survival of the Fittest

ITV2’s new sun-drenched reality show Survival of the Fittest kicked off on Sunday night, drawing predictable – if not always favourable – comparisons with last summer’s smash hit Love Island, among others…


And it seems there’s something viewers are getting more than a little fed up with when it comes to these sorts of shows – the contestants.

After all, would it do any harm to have a few ordinary people on screen?

Of course, it won’t stop everyone watching…

What do you think, should reality shows ditch the models and muscles for more ordinary people?


Survival of the Fittest continues on ITV2 nightly at 9pm