Emmerdale spoilers: David and Alicia kiss – preview pics

The pair pucker up for a photoshoot in next week's episodes - but why is Priya out of the picture?

Is this some kind of dream sequence? The fulfilment of a fantasy for those who want to see David (Matthew Wolfenden) and Alicia (Natalie Anderson) together?


Well, no – the sight of David and Alicia locking lips comes about after the pair pose as models for a glossy wedding brochure in next week’s episodes. But why isn’t Priya (Fiona Wade) playing the part of the blushing bride? The reason for her absence is down to the fact that she’s come out in a facial rash from the make-up that’s been applied for the shoot.

Priya is obviously hysterical and angry when Alicia is asked to stand in for her. And David’s reaction? It turns out that he’s speechless at how beautiful Alicia looks and the two of them share a charged look before kissing for the photo.

Later, at the pub, Priya is irked when Alicia arrives following the session with the photographer. David lies when Priya asks if he had to kiss her, but Priya is suspicious…


The scenes air on Thursday 21 March on ITV.