Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

8-12 July: Josh pushes Mason away from Imogen, Lauren and Matt buy Harold's store, while Caroline is sacked and sues Paul for sexual harassment

Monday 8 July


Terese catches Caroline leaving her post at work and says if she makes another mistake she’ll be fired. Caroline complains about this to Paul who assures her he’ll take care of it, putting his hand on her leg – something Sheila witnesses. Caroline then turns up to work drunk and Terese sacks her on the spot. Paul is furious when he finds out what Terese has done but she is unapologetic. Caroline goes to see Toadie and asks for representation. Toadie then informs Paul that Caroline is suing Paul for sexual harassment.

The play is about to start and Rani is panicking that Callum won’t show. However he turns up just in time to perform in the play. The play goes ahead and is a great success, even if Rani notices that Callum didn’t kiss her at the climax like he was supposed to. As she soaks in the applause, Rani sees a vision of her mother Priya clapping for her. Rani talks about this with Ajay and it gives them a sort of closure. Callum admits to his parents that he still doesn’t trust Rani but Sonya urges him to give her another chance. Callum makes a decision, telling Rani he’ll still go out with her…provided she doesn’t speak to Bailey again. Rani agrees and tells Bailey they can’t be friends any more.

Matt and Lauren have been knocked back for a home loan. Lauren suggests that they have enough money to buy Harold’s Store but Matt is reluctant. Then Matt hears Paul make a crack about Lauren’s management skills. He calls Lyn, discovers she is willing to accept a low price, and tells Lauren they should buy Harold’s. Vanessa and Lucas are also interested in buying the shop, as is Paul, but Lyn sells to Matt and Lauren – much to Paul’s anger.

Tuesday 9 July

Having been informed of Caroline’s allegations of sexual harassment against him, Paul goes on the attack, blaming Terese for aggravating the situation by firing Caroline. When he finds out that Toadie has been asking Sheila questions about Caroline’s claims he reads the riot act to her and other Lassiters staff. Toadie asks Sheila to be a witness is the case but Sheila is afraid not only for her job but also for looking like a hypocrite because she hired Pete for his looks. When Therese finds out that he was seen touching Caroline in Charlie’s, she suggests they make a settlement. Paul refuses to budge because he doesn’t believe that Caroline will ever appear in court to press her case – what does Paul have over Caroline?

Imogen struggles to get her busy Mother to read her essay but when Josh returns from training with a sneeze, he gets all the attention. At school, Susan becomes suspicious of Josh’s essay when she notices it is very similar to Imogen’s. Frustrated that she appears invisible to her parents, Imogen decides to provoke some controversy by attempting to kiss Mason in public in front of her mother. But Terese is too distracted by her work to notice.

Brad confides in Terese that Joshua is questioning his coaching methods. Even though she knows this to be the case, Terese reassures him that can win Josh over by explaining his approach more clearly. Brad involves Josh in the training schedule and it looks like they’re back in track – but for how long?  

Wednesday 10 July

The course of love is not running smoothly for the residents of Ramsay Street.

Josh becomes protective when he discovers Imogen is seeing Mason but when Brad and Terese find the kids arguing Josh covers for Imogen about the relationship. Amber’s crush on Josh deepens but when she confronts him about his attitude to Mason she reveals more about her own feelings. Josh, with much on his mind, is dismissive of her and Amber is mortified. 

Kate overcome with guilt tries to contact Kyle to work out what they should tell Georgia but Kyle has gone to Frankston and isn’t returning her calls. Georgia wants to know when her car will be ready and Chris can’t stall any longer. Before Georgia heads off to Frankston she thanks Kate for everything she’s done. As Kate’s guilt piques, she decides to face the music and offers to go to Frankston with her. Georgia’s appreciative, but insists she needs to do this on her own. While tutoring Amber Kate learns that Imogen dumped Mason because he’s still hung up on Kate. Kyle returns from Frankston and learns that Georgia is on her way there to see him – he’s made a decision. But who does he want to be with? 

When Terese tells Lauren and Susan that she’s getting ready for her monthly ‘date night’ with Brad, they pick up on the idea and make plans with their partners. Lauren takes Matt to Harold’s for a romantic celebration but it takes an unexpected turn when Karl shows up to see the new Harold’s Store. 

Thursday 11 July

Toadie and Ajay tell Caroline that Paul won’t settle and they’ll have to take her case to court. She approaches Paul and tries to blackmail him – if he gives her a cash settlement she’ll make it go away. But he thinks she doesn’t want to be seen as a liar on the stand and is grasping at straws. Terese tells him to keep away from Caroline, and his cocky attitude annoys her. Ajay tells Caroline they’ll have to prep her for court, and that she already has a bill. She places her hand on his leg, trying to seduce him instead of paying. He tells Toadie, arguing she’s not a reliable client. Toadie and Sonya disagree, saying they’re too separate issues. Paul meets with Toadie to tell him Caroline tried to blackmail him. When he confronts her on it, she admits acting badly. But even though she’s made mistakes, she still thinks Paul abused his power. Ajay and Toadie think this is going to damage her case, and after talking to Paul’s lawyer they come to a small settlement. Terese slams Paul for doing what he did and apologises to Caroline for his behaviour.

Kyle is swamped with guilt over his dalliance with Kate and almost tells a forgiving Georgia the truth. Kate, too, is having her own crisis of conscience. But when Kyle’s bandages are finally removed, and he locks eyes with Kate, Kyle fears it’s going to be hard to move forward. Kyle then throws a BBQ to thank his friends for their help while blind, and he invites Mason over in order to get him back together with Kate. Mason kisses Kate, but she runs out, too guilty to embrace the happiness she so badly wants.

Lucas has been putting up with Mason’s moods at work and finally calls him on it. Mason admits he feels inferior to Brennan, but Lucas thinks he has nothing to worry about. Mason arcs up and walks off. After cooling down, Lucas tells him Kate made her choice, she’s changed, and she doesn’t need Brennan anymore. Mason thinks he’s wrong and Lucas tells him to man-up and go after her.

Friday 12 July

With the first day as the new owner of Harold’s Store under way, Lauren is thrown when she and Vanessa discover there’s no power in the kitchen. Lauren is rocked when the full extent of the damage is revealed – the kitchen will need to be rewired. Too devastated to tell Matt, Vanessa steps in and loans her the money for the repairs. When Lucas lets slip to Matt about the problem, though disappointed Lauren couldn’t come to him about it, Matt’s also understanding, reassuring Lauren that they’re  team and will face all their problems together. 

When Imogen springs Joshua reading up on Don Cotter, he reveals his frustrations with Brad – he never wants to try anything new and it’s always the same old routines. When given the opportunity to train alone, Joshua is excited, and on spotting Don in the gym, Joshua approaches him and asks him for a few pointers. Impressed by Joshua’s form and hard work, Don puts him on the spot, and asks him to come and train with his squad. Later that night when Joshua returns home, he reveals that Don’s asked him to join his squad and he’s said yes – Brad is shattered. 

Upon learning from a concerned Lauren, about Imogen dating Mason, Brad wonders why she didn’t tell him or Terese. Imogen is blunt – it’s not her job to tell her parents what’s going on. She wasn’t trying to hide dating Mason – they should’ve noticed. Guilt piqued, Brad resolves to give Imogen more attention from now on. But Imogen fears it won’t last. 


Still overwhelmed by her deception of sleeping with Kyle, Kate is determined to keep both Kyle and Mason at a distance. When Lauren sees how hurt Mason is over their split, she goes to Kate to help bridge the gap between them, but soon realises how confused Kate is feeling.