Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

21-25 April: Kate collapses after being shot, while Doug Willis returns

Monday 21 April Part 1


A new development in the murder enquiry sends shockwaves through the village.  Guilty feelings are running high at both the Lomaxes and the Roscoes.  Grace attempts business as usual.  Who will cause this steely façade to crack? As Holly’s determined to go ahead with her plan, what does Jason have up his sleeve?

Monday 21 April Part 2/Tuesday 22 April

The town reacts with shock and sadness, then accusations start flying. Chris blames Stephen, but Paul has his own ideas and vents his frustrations. Zeke makes a series of mysterious phone calls. Kyle leaves for Thailand to bail out his cousin Dane. Sheila worries that Naomi is getting too close to Toadie. 

Wednesday 23 April

Matt becomes the focus of Paul’s frustration as no progress is seen to be made in the case. Brad’s dad Doug arrives in town and teaches Josh a few tricks of the building trade. Josh, however, feels stuck in the slow lane, while Amber has moved up a gear. Brad wants to continue the search for his and Lauren’s daughter. 

Thursday 24 April

Paul’s distress comes to a head. Lying in hospital, Chris makes a decision to get his life on the right track. Georgia realises how lucky she is to have Kyle back. Josh reluctantly becomes Doug’s assistant in order to help finish a job for Kyle. 

Friday 25 April

Toadie is impressed by the energy and efficiency that Naomi has brought to his office, while she tries to keep Sonya away from potential clients. Doug is delighted with Josh, telling Brad that they are a good team. Josh, however, is less excited about his new career.