Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Dracula is like Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire

“It’s very, very lush and very, very beautiful” says the star of the new Sky Living drama

The visual appeal of Sky Living’s glossy new take on the Dracula myth is reminiscent of some of its acclaimed period drama contemporaries, according to leading man Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


“[Dracula] contains the beauty and majesty of Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire,” says Meyers. “It’s very, very lush and very, very beautiful.”

His co-star Jessica De Gouw, who plays Dracula’s muse Mina Murray, agrees: “It looks so beautiful, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”

But as you’d expect from a series with a blood-sucking protagonist, Dracula goes deeper and darker than its opulent Victorian setting.

“[Dracula] is a manifestation of pain and loss – a tempest,” says Meyers of his character. “Revenge, pain, love and loss are universal themes.”

And Katie McGrath, who stars as Mina’s flirtatious friend Lucy Westenra, hints at a fun and playful side to the drama, among the serious bits.


“There’s hints of modernity, there’s bits of the past, there’s a bit of blood and guts and gore – and some sex. It’s got everything.”