Mamma Mia 2’s new trailer has us even more convinced that Meryl Streep’s Donna is dead

If she's gone, how can we even try to go on?

Ghost Donna Mamma Mia 2

Is Meryl Streep’s Donna Sheridan dead in Mamma Mia 2? That’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips since a Meryl-lite trailer for the film debuted earlier this month and now a second sneak peek has us concerned that the dancing queen has died.


We previously did some digging to prove she was most likely alive, but the first-look international trailer for the film features a lot of new footage, much of which seems to serve as additional evidence that Sophie’s (Amanda Seyfried) all-singing all-dancing mum is no longer with her.

The opening scene, for example, features Sophie and Skye (Dominic Cooper) having a somewhat emotionally charged conversation about how she’s “never felt closer to my mom”, while looking decidedly glassy-eyed. Add to that the shots of Christine Baranski and Julie Walters’ Tanya and Rosie leaning on each other for support and looking very sad indeed, and you’ve got grounds to believe something truly upsetting has happened.

And then there’s the shot of Sophie and Donna in the tiny church in which every religious ceremony ever featured in the film has happened. Young Donna (Lily James) strolls up the aisle with her baby daughter in her arms before the scene cuts to modern-day Sophie seemingly meeting with her mother. Meryl’s most definitely wearing the overalls from the first film – and could well just have kept them – but there’s something about it that just screams GHOST DONNA!

And you thought that rendition of Slipping Through My Fingers was the most heartbreaking thing they could throw at us…


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! is in UK cinemas from 27th July 2018