There are a lot of high-profile movie sequels arriving later in 2024 – from Inside Out 2 to Gladiator 2 – but arguably none that have generated quite as much buzz as Joker: Folie à Deux.


The film will see Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role as the notorious Gotham City supervillain exactly half-a-decade after Joker became one of the most talked about – and divisive – movies of recent times, and if early signs are anything to go by the follow-up is set to generate every bit as much discussion.

Not only will Phoenix be joined by Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn this time around, but the film is also taking inspiration from a rather unexpected genre: the movie musical.

That's right, although returning director Todd Phillips has claimed that it isn't a musical per se, he did describe it as a "film where music is an essential element" and it has been reported by Variety that it will include “at least 15” song covers, with one said to be That’s Entertainment from the 1953 musical The Band Wagon.

Meanwhile, after some first-look images were released on Valentine's Day, we were given a further idea of what to expect from the film, when the first official trailer arrived in April 2024 – including a surprise appearance from Alan Partridge himself, Steve Coogan.

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The clip opens with Arthur Fleck in a cell, before he is escorted out and spots Harley Quinn singing with a group of people – and there are plenty more musical references as we see the pair get closer to one another and begin their reign of terror on Gotham City.

The first movie, which told the backstory of Gotham’s most infamous villain, was initially meant as a one-off, but a billion dollars at the box office and an Oscar win for Phoenix made a follow-up pretty much an inevitability.

So get ready for more haunting dance scenes – here's everything we know about Joker: Folie à Deux.

Joker 2 release date

Joker: Folie à Deux will be released on 4th October 2024. So there are still a few months wait for the new film to be released, but it is sure to be a treat.

The release comes exactly five years on from the original Joker's opening, and it remains very possible that the sequel could also follow in that first film's footsteps by bagging a major festival premiere. After all, Joker was the surprise winner of the prestigious Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival in 2019, so could director Todd Phillips make it two for two?

The film's title was first confirmed as far back as June 2022, and is taken from the French idiom meaning 'madness of two' which refers to a delusional disorder shared by two people in close association. Much like the Joker and Harley Quinn, then.

Who is in the cast of Joker 2?

Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn and Joaquin Pheonix as Joker in Joker standing close to each other, looking into each other's eyes
Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn and Joaquin Phoenix as Joker in Joker. WB

The cast members confirmed for Joker: Folie à Deux are the following.

  • Joaquin Phoenix as Joker/Arthur Fleck
  • Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel
  • Zazie Beetz as Sophie
  • Harry Lawtey as TBC
  • Catherine Keener as TBC
  • Jacob Lofland as TBC
  • Brendan Gleeson as TBC
  • Steve Coogan as TBC
  • Ken Leung as TBC

Phoenix will be returning once again for his role as the Joker/Arthur Fleck.

The actor played the critically acclaimed role in 2019, bagging the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the troubled DC villain.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has been cast as Joker's legendary love interest Harley Quinn – leaving the possibility open that Phillips will reinvent Harley’s character, rather than adhering to the source material from the DC comics or following version of the role played by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey.

In addition, actress Zazie Beetz is also making a comeback as Sophie Dumond.

Meanwhile, joining the cast for Joker 2 is also Industry's Harry Lawtey (Industry), Catherine Keener (Get Out), Jacob Lofland (Maze Runner), Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees of Inisherin), Steve Coogan (Alan Partidge) and Ken Leung (Lost), who will all star in mysterious undisclosed roles.

It is highly unlikely Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy will return as Murray and Penny, as they were killed by Arthur in the first film, although there's always the possibility of a flashback or two.

Meanwhile, one star who looks like they won't be appearing in the film despite previously expressing interest is Willem Dafoe.

Back in 2022, he told GQ: "There is something interesting about, like, if there was a Joker imposter. So it would be possible to have not duelling Jokers but someone that [claims] to be the Joker that isn't the Joker.

"And that kind of opens up the possibility of an interesting story, particularly if you had Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, and then you had someone who was either imitating or riffing off what he did. I fantasised about that. But other than that I am not talking to anybody [about it], you're the first one."

What could happen in Joker 2?

*Warning: There are spoilers for Joker ahead.*

Although finer plot details are understandably being kept under wraps for now, we do know that the film will be a twisted love story that follows Arthur Fleck after he meets Harley Quinn while incarcerated at Arkham State Hospital.

At the end of Joker, Arthur Fleck had become his full Batman villain self after tearing through Gotham City following his disastrous appearance on Murray Franklin's talk show.

The film ended with Arthur in the aforementioned Arkham State Hospital, skipping away from his psychotherapy session leaving bloody footprints behind.

A black and white still showing Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn and Joaquin Pheonix as Joker in Joker Folie a Deux. Thet are dancing on a rooftop, he in a balck suit and she in a white dress
Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn and Joaquin Pheonix as Joker in Joker. WB

Of course, we know that the Clown Prince of Crime goes on to become, arguably, Batman's biggest nemesis, so there's certainly scope for more of Arthur's character and villainous actions to be explored.

Bruce Wayne only appeared as a child in Joker, which appeared to be a deliberate move to keep the focus firmly on Arthur. Could a sequel bring in an antagonist for Fleck?

And then there's the musical aspect, of course, which adds another intriguing ingredient into the mix. It certainly looks like the film is going to be unmissable one way or another – when we catch wind of any more plot news we'll post it right here.

Is there a trailer for the Joker sequel?

Yes! A trailer was finally released for the film in April 2024 and within 24 hours had already managed more than 167 million views – so we certainly wouldn't bet against this being another major hit.

You can watch the trailer, which gives us a good glimpse at both Arthur and Harley's twisted love story and the musical nature of the film, below:

Joker: Folie à Deux will be released in UK cinemas on 4th October 2024.


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