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Joker director gives update on sequel as he reveals title

Could Harley Quinn be headed to Todd Phillips' Joker sequel?

Joker - Joaquin Phoenix
Warner Bros.
Published: Wednesday, 8th June 2022 at 10:59 am
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Joker director Todd Phillips has given an update on the sequel to his Oscar-winning character study into Batman's most iconic rival.


Phillips posted a picture of the script on Instagram, revealing the sequel's working title, Folie à Deux, as well as a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading it.

The French idiom means 'madness of two' and is used to refer to a psychosis or delusional disorder shared by two people in close association. Much like the Joker and Harley Quinn, then.

Of course, other than Phoenix as the titular villain, no other cast members have been confirmed as yet. And if his on-again-off-again girlfriend is to make an appearance in Phillips' film, there's no telling whether the role will be played by Margot Robbie, as it is in the Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey, or if it will be recast.

Unlike Marvel's interconnected timeline, DC has several cinematic universes going simultaneously. Most recently, Robert Pattinson played the Caped Crusader in The Batman, with Barry Keoghan cast as the Joker, who was also played by Jared Leto in the first Suicide Squad film and Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Phillips' Joker, however, appears to exist outside of these, both in terms of tone and subject matter.

The first film earned 12 Oscar nominations and won Phoenix Best Actor. Scott Silver, who co-wrote Joker with Phillips, is returning for the sequel, though plot details are currently firmly under wraps.


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