Andrea and Real Dee finally meet in Neighbours clifftop showdown!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for…


Neighbours finally resolves the mystery of whether the real Dee Bliss (Madeleine West) is still alive on Friday 5th July, when the character reappears 16 years after apparently plunging to her death in a dramatic showdown with doppelgänger Andrea Somers. What happens when the two identical women meet on a clifftop in Byron Bay?


Dee supposedly died hours after her fairy tale wedding to Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) back in 2003 when the happy couple’s car plummeted off a cliff into the ocean en route to their honeymoon. Toadie was saved from drowning but Dee’s body was never found.

Neighbours Toadie Andrea Dee

In 2017 ‘Dee’ made a shock return to Ramsay Street explaining she survived the crash but had suffered from amnesia for years and had only just started remembering her former life. However, Dee was actually imposter Andrea Somers posing as Toadie’s lost love as part of an elaborate fraud scam masterminded by another of Mr Rebecchi’s exes, Sindi Watts.

Andrea claimed her teenage daughter Willow was Toadie’s child as ‘Dee’ was pregnant when she disappeared, but the deceitful blonde’s true identity and secret agenda was eventually exposed.

Andrea is back... and wants to see Hugo. (Picture: Channel 5)

While still under the impression Andrea was Dee, Toadie allowed himself to be seduced, almost destroying his marriage to Sonya Rebecchi, and Ms Somers fell pregnant for real.

Just over a year later, word reached the Rebecchis that troubled Andrea was in a psychiatric unit following a breakdown (she now thought she was actually Dee… keeping up?!) and Toadie was handed their baby son, Hugo.

How does Andrea track down the real Dee?

West has been back for another stint more recently as Andrea claims she has evidence the real Dee is still alive, with her and Toadie embarking on a wild goose chase around Australia following the trail, although deluded Andrea secretly wants the search shut down hoping she can settle down and play happy families with her little boy and baby daddy.

Andrea’s meddling mum Heather Schilling (Kerry Armstrong) is determined to find Dee, and on Thursday 4th July Ms Somers discovers she has gone to Byron Bay to investigate the latest lead – a woman called ‘Karen’ who may be the real Dee Bliss is living there. On Friday 5th July Andrea angrily confronts Heather for her interference, but is stunned to learn ‘Karen’ has agreed to meet.

Deciding to go to the rendezvous on a cliff top alone, curious Andrea comes face-to-face with the woman she impersonated – at last giving fans confirmation Dee did not die… But with so many twists and turns leading up to this moment, where on earth does the blockbuster plot go from here?!


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