Coronation Street: Seb reveals tragic abuse secret – what happens next?

The teen tearaway admits the shocking truth about that bruise


Coronation Street has shed more light on Seb Franklin’s tragic home life as the troubled teenager revealed he is the victim of physical abuse at the hands of his violent stepdad.


Tonight’s hour-long episode showed Seb open up to girlfriend Faye Windass about where he got the suspicious bruise on his face that she noticed on Friday.

Recounting how his aggressive stepfather lashes out and subjects him to vicious beatings, emotional Seb told Faye how he was fearful of his mum and twin siblings becoming the next victims of his violent temper and so took the abuse as a way of protecting them.

Seb then decided he couldn’t leave his family behind and backed out of his and Faye’s plan to run away to Ireland. Attempting to steal a car, the teens were busted and Seb managed to escape while Faye was taken back to Weatherfield police station.

Fuming Anna Windass managed to track Seb down and ordered him to stay away from her daughter, but was surprised at how easily Seb agreed to her demands and noticed his anxiety at having to get back home.


Dropping him off, Anna insisted on having a word with his mother about his antics but Seb told interfering Mrs Windass to leave – as it was revealed the lad lived in total squalor.

Nosy Anna was shocked at the state of Seb’s home, and as he greeted his twin siblings it appeared Seb was playing at being parent to the youngsters with no sign of any responsible adults in the house.

Speaking about the shocking details of Seb’s secret, actor Harry Visinoni told recently: “Seb is ashamed and embarrassed and he doesn’t want Faye to know. No one knows this secret and he wants to keep it that way.”


Despite their differences, Anna proves to be Seb’s saviour next week as she insists on taking him and the twins out of their unsuitable home and bring them back to the street. Can Seb escape the violence and squalor that has shaped his life up until this point?

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