Coronation Street exit: Nick is sucked into killer quicksand – watch the full scene!

Ben Price's departure to air next week - get a sneak peek of his final storyline


Is Nick Tilsley set to meet his maker in next week’s dramatic episodes of Coronation Street? With actor Ben Price set to leave the ITV soap, it’s certainly not looking good for his character who’s dicing with death after getting sucked into some killer quicksand. And you can get a sneak peek of the pivotal scene right here first!


Upcoming scenes find Nick having a bust-up with Leanne on a trip to the seaside, only to soon get himself out of his depth on the shoreline. So is this the end of Nick?

Speaking recently about his departure from the ITV soap, actor Ben Price said of Nick’s final storyline: “I was a bit surprised and wanted to know how it tied into everything that has been happening to Nick.But it does tie in brilliantly.

“Psychologically, Nick is losing his perspective over the whole situation with Steve and Oli. It all boils down to him wanting his own child and now he finds himself having to deal with two fathers to two sons that he is helping to bring up. He isn’t happy with that situation and can’t deal with it.”

Watch the scene from Wednesday’s episode below. Beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Coronation Street


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