The Simpsons has gone all Big Bang Theory for its latest couch gag

The time-spanning spoof is celebrating 30 years of everyone's favourite yellow family


It’s now been 30 years since a (rather crudely drawn) yellow family crashed around their living room as part of sketch series The Tracey Ullman Show. And since The Simpsons were birthed, the cartoon shenanigans of 742 Evergreen Terrace and Springfield have evolved through 600-plus episodes.


The proof: the show’s latest couch gag, which borrows the styling and music of the Big Bang Theory’s opening credits to take a trip down the show’s very long timeline, highlighting such moments as Bart selling his soul to Milhouse, Homer’s invention of Tomacco and even Mr Plow.

Watch out for the fabulously altered lyrics to the Big Bang Theory theme Barenaked Ladies’ The History of Everything.


UK fans can catch the full episode with the time-warping couch gag, Looking for Mr Goodbart, at some point in the near future on Sky (exactly when hasn’t yet been confirmed).