Who is Miriam Stoppard? Meet the cast of The Real Marigold Hotel series two

RadioTimes.com meets the doctor and TV presenter who says she got in touch with her roots and had an epiphany in India


Name: Miriam Stoppard


Age: 79

Famous, why? For giving out medical advice on the TV

Biography: Miriam rose to prominence during the 1970s as an expert on health, in particular with women and children.

Miriam says: “I’d been to India before and when I went along to my interview I thought the fact that I’d been before would preclude me from going on the trip and they said ‘no, see if you can see a new side of India’, which we undoubtedly did.

“We actually got very close to India and we got involved in all kinds of things that the average tourist would not, so it was very enlightening. Actually I discovered an awful lot of things about myself. Lionel and I went on a visit to Jew Town which is a very ancient settlement of Jews and I kind of revisited the whole of my childhood and my heritage and I got a whole new perspective on things. I had an epiphany. But I can’t go and live in India – I have 11 grandchildren!”

Here’s Stoppard stepping in as an agony aunt with Phil and Holly last year:


The Real Marigold Hotel series two starts on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1