The Apprentice week 8 review: ‘I’m disappointed to see two strong women crying in the boardroom’

Former Apprentice candidate Vana Koutsomitis gives her verdict on this week's infotainment action...


5am wake up. Standard. Off to the National Portrait Gallery!


London Aquarium vs. Madame Tussauds! Who is going to win?

The customers are the ones calling the shots. This reminds me of the children’s party. It’s all about entertaining and making sure the guests are having a good time!

Nebula – Paul vs. Jessica. Who is going to be PM? Paul dominates Jessica and sells himself. I wish that Jessica had been more forceful to get herself into the PM position! I think she is a great sales person and entertainer so this would have been a good chance for her to shine.

Dillon is the PM on the other team. Dating as a concept for the Aquarium concept?! Courtney’s idea was quickly shot down. I thought it was catchy though!!! No pun intended. 🙂 They could have brought in DatePlay for the guests to use!

Francis and Paul love working together. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes people who “love working together” just love the way they feel when they’re working with that other person! I’m not convinced that they are really the dream team…

I think that Paul is getting a bit overconfident and Fran is perpetuating it with her flattering comments! I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to gang up against your sub-team and talk about how inadequate they are. Team work is the way you achieve success in this process. By isolating yourself and calling yourself the “strong leaders”, you are actually setting yourself up for failure….!

Trishna is spot on in the other sub-team car – she points out that Paul completely disregarded their brainstorm and just made his own call on the price. I think she has been performing strongly throughout the tasks and I think she needs to speak up more. She should have told Paul on the phone that she thought his pricing strategy was ridiculous!

Frankly, I’m completely shocked at Paul’s decision to reduce the price to 22! From 65 at the beginning!?

Also, side note – the sound of that phone ringing still runs chills down my spine! It was always so stressful… You never know what type of news you’re going to receive from the team leader or sub team!

Paul just went down SO far in my book for talking smack about Jessica with Sofianne. Saying that “men are better chefs” and that the girls would have just been bickering? Please. That’s a ridiculous stereotype that I did not expect them to be perpetuating.

On the other team, Dillon was really into the mermaid theme with the singing and the dancing. I loved his enthusiasm. It can be really hard to be PM and ALSO be really upbeat because there are so many moving parts and there is so much stress to manage.

I also can’t believe that Paul would choose to yell at Jessica in public at the event for her mistake of selling the hot food included in the ticket? I find that really offensive and definitely it was an inappropriate forum!

Now – for the boardroom. This is going to be a painful one. I think it’s obvious that Dillon’s team did much much better.

Trishna is very diplomatic when Lord Sugar asks how Paul did as a project manager. She knows how to handle herself under pressure.

Paul is too big for his boots in this task. Claiming that he’ll bring the “whole team” into the second boardroom. Good luck with that, Paul!

I’m shocked by the way Paul and Francis are going against each other in the boardroom. After all the talk about how great each other was earlier in the task? And then he brings her back into the boardroom? Ironic!

I don’t think Jessica or Francis deserve to go. But I do think that Francis should learn her lesson – not to stroke the ego of the leader just because you want to get on his good side! Clearly, Paul was not a loyal colleague.

Paul was way too intense in this task and I think it was right to let him go. He and Lord Sugar would have definitely butt heads if they had gone into business together!

I am a bit disappointed after watching this task because the boardroom ended with Francis and Jessica crying in the boardroom. I really did not like to see that. Two strong women who are leaders and contenders to be Lord Sugar’s business partner should have been able to pull it together and move on. I really hope that can show their strength in the future tasks!


Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans out there!