Kady and Scott’s Love Island clash brings in security

Love Island's Scott and Kady row through a locked door, Zara leaves and Alex stands by Olivia in explosive new episode


When an episode of Love Island ends with a tease that security have to be called in for a row the next night, you just know it’s going to be good. 


And we can confirm there are some furious exchanges in tonight’s instalment


In a weird mash-up of Friends and the Crystal Maze, Kady has been locked in the hideaway after new girl Tina put her on a ‘break’ from her beau Scott. Olivia’s also in there, but apart from a random moment of throwing her suncream around, she has remained relatively calm about being kept away from Alex for a night. 

Kady on the other hand is bouncing around like her pants are on fire, yelling every insult she can think of at Tina and Scott, despite insisting she’s completely not bothered and totally cool about the whole thing. 

“We’re worried about a 20-year-old stripper, and a plain Jane Chelsea reject. I’m actually insulting myself thinking I’m threatened by plain Jane. And Scott! I turned down a millionaire footballer from Tottenham. Do you know what I mean? I hate Scott, I don’t even like him,” explodes a not-cool-at-all Kady. 

Meanwhile, the other islanders dish on what Kady was actually saying about the new guys in the villa and ‘what’s been seen on TV’, which prompts Scott to theatrically declare through the door that he “knows everything”. Cue a bizarre through-the-door row, which prompts security to come and monitor the goings on, mainly – I think – for the safety of the poor door who was just having a pleasant time guarding the hideaway and now is front and centre of all this angst. Poor door. 

“It’s been shown on TV! You didn’t want to hug me because you liked those two boys! They’ve shown it on TV,” Scott yells before tottering off to sleep in the same bed as Tina to really hammer that last nail in (no pun intended). 

Alex, meanwhile, opts to sleep on the sofa because (hurrah!) he’s learned not to make the same mistake twice. 


Kady, despite initially refusing, does apologise to Tina. 

“Come here, I did not mean it in a mean way. I have a foul mouth. Honestly. I’m so sorry.” 

But Tina’s having none of it:

Tina: “It’s not very nice.”

Kady: “I know but that’s just the way I talk. I didn’t think you would hear. It was a complete joke. If I was going to be nasty to you I would say something else. I would never say it maliciously. I’d say another word.”

Tina: “It didn’t seem like it was jokey.” 

This goes on a bit but you get the general gist. 


Well, we’ll wait a second while you pretend to be shocked… OK, yep, surprise surprise, Kady and Scott are now over. Again. 

“It’s not about anyone else. I don’t want to be with anyone else. But we can’t be together,” says Scott as Kady tries to insist she thinks they’re made for each other, despite not a few hours ago yelling that she hated him anyway (as above…)

It’s confusing this love lark, isn’t it? Luckily, we have Nathan to sum it all up for us:

“Their relationship’s like a confused elevator with punters pushing buttons left, right and centre. Up, down, left, right… All I need is a wet fish to wack round Scott’s face. I’m not drilling it into Scott’s brain any more, I’m done. If he wants to crack on with her, I’ll say ‘good luck to you, you’re going to need it.”


Away from all the Kady/Scott/Tina action, Zara says her goodbyes to the villa, leaving after learning her mother has been taken ill

“My mum’s in hospital. So I’ve got to go home. I don’t want to leave at all. I just don’t want to go. I’m having the time of my life here, and I feel like I’m in a good place and what happened happened and I’ve moved on. And I just wanted to show everyone who I am, and nothing’s changed me.

“I’m disappointed to be going but family is everything,” she adds tearfully. “I’m going to remember every single little bit of being in the villa. I’ll never, ever, ever forget this.”  


See Love Island tonight at the later time of 10:00pm on ITV2