Coronation Street: Tracy suffers shock collapse – will she be rescued?

A kidney infection leaves Tracy in grave danger in scenes to be shown next week


Tracy Barlow’s life will be left on the line next week when she collapses in the ginnel while taking Eccles the dog for a walk.


Upcoming episodes of Coronation Street will see Tracy suffering with kidney pain and being referred by a doctor to the transplant clinic.

But when Tracy discovers that her appointment clashes with Amy’s violin recital, she decides to attend the performance, despite her daughter’s wishes that she stay away.

When Tracy turns up at the school, her appearance makes Amy lose concentration and she rushes from the stage humiliated.

In the foyer, Ken berates Tracy for failing to respect Amy’s wishes – all of which leads to Tracy making bitchy comments about her daughter’s lack of talent, which are then overheard by Amy!

Telling Eccles that she’s her only friend in the world, Tracy takes her for a walk, but ends up falling unconscious.

The week’s episode will climax with Beth and Robert finding Tracy’s lying prone on the ground. After a phone call from Robert, Tracy is quickly taken to hospital, where Ken blames himself for failing to realise that Tracy was ill.

Doctors tell Tracy that she is suffering from a kidney infection, but her hopes are lifted when Beth tells her that Robert was the one to save her life.

But it looks like Tracy will have work to do if she wants to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. With Amy refusing to visit her mum in hospital, Tracy vows to put things right.

But will it be that easy to fix a bond that Tracy has come so close to breaking for good?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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