Twitter is really stressed about Made in Chelsea’s Louise and Alik scene

We were really rooting for that New Yorker


It might sometimes feel fake – but last night Made in Chelsea got too real for its fans.


As Louise Thompson broke up with her long-distance New Yorker boyfriend Alik Alfus (who is the nicest guy in Made in Chelsea by a long shot), it was an incredibly stressful scene. Aspiring to top rom-com level, Alik had flown over to London to “get the girl” after Louise had told him it was over. It was all so romantic!

But as he tried to convince her that they were made for each other – and he gave a great speech – Louise bluntly said she really didn’t want to be with him anymore. “It’s too late, I’m sorry”, she said before leaving him sitting there like a lemon.

She cried, he cried, we all cried. But we also had our head in our hands whispering “this is unbelievably awkward and painful, please make it stop.” 

Yeah, it was a big night on Made in Chelsea. But don’t worry because judging from the preview clip of next week’s episode, all the couples will be happy and stable and there’ll be no sadness at all…