Love Island 2016: meet Sophie Gradon

This Love Islander is a former Miss Great Britain and has dated rugby player Danny Cipriani


Name: Sophie Gradon


Age: 30

Lives: Newcastle

Job: Marketing manager 

Interesting fact: Former Miss Great Britain (2009)

Celeb claim to fame: Once had a relationship with rugby player Danny Cipriani

“I was a woman scorned,” Sophie said of the break-up a couple of years ago. “I got a phone call off of a journalist and she said ‘Have you seen that he’s dating someone else now? I was like ‘yeah, well relationships are boring’. I didn’t actually say that Danny was boring but I knew, I’m not stupid, I knew they’d twist it and I kind of wanted to get back at him and humiliate him because I felt like a bit of a mug.”

Sophie has told Cipriani she’s heading into the villa (he told her to be her “beautiful self”) and admits there’s still, for her at least, something there. 

“I don’t know… see how Love Island goes first,” she laughed of thoughts of a reunion, before admitting that were he to come cap in hand wanting to get back together that she’d “certainly think about it”.

Most OMG confession: “I did tell my parents I’m not going to shag on telly but I’ve only been here a few days and seeing lads walking past the whole time I’m like, ‘Phwoar’,” Sophie said, before introducing us to a new – and pretty uncomfortable word – “I need to reel it in! I can just imagine with all the sexiness and testosterone and the hot bodies in the house you’re going to be clamming, aren’t you?!” 


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