BGT’s David Forest delights with song about the No.19 bus

Cowell had the hump, but the rest of us really wanted to know what happened with that bus driver


Britain’s Got Talent fans were delighted by 84-year-old David Forest who sang a song about the driver of a No.19 bus on last night’s show. 


OK, so it went on a teeny tiny bit. There were ten whole verses about this journey. So many in fact they had to keep cutting away to other things, check he was still going, go away again…

Anyway, Simon Cowell had the hump as you might expect. He got a good booing when he buzzed the singer, though. 

And while Cowell may not have been reaching for the recording contract, viewers at home were simply charmed by David Forest and his keyboard skills. 

Some want to see him get a Number One

Others want to see him win

There were calls for him to hop over to Eurovision

TFL have been urged to put his talents to good use

Why on earth Cowell didn’t like it…

Although there were some ideas of how the boss could speed things up

Some want to do a bit of fact checking

But mostly people just really want to ride this No. 19 bus. All aboard…

Got an hour? Sorry four minutes. Watch again:


BGT auditions continue next Saturday with the first live semi-final on Sunday on ITV