Neighbours: Ned spies Brad and Terese sharing an intimate moment – plus Paul hits rock bottom

16-20 May 2016: And Xanthe plans to go all the way with Angus - but Sheila has other ideas


Monday 16 May


Toadie reveals that Sonya’s uncle Walter is tryingtoconnectwithheragain,butToadie makes it clear he must get clean first. Terese goes to extreme lengths to prove Paul’s guilt. When Nate learns that Aaron is representing Paul he gives him an ultimatum—cut Paul loose or he will withdraw his investment. 

Tuesday 17 May

Sonya arrives home early and comes face to face with Walter, but Toadie passes him off as a client. Terese is racked with guilt after paying Cecilia to incriminate Paul. When Ned spies Brad and Terese sharing an intense moment he misinterprets it and fears that Brad is betraying Lauren. 

Wednesday 18 May

Ned confides in Piper that he thinks Brad is cheating on Lauren with Terese. John tries to access his past with Karl’s help, with disastrous results. It is Xanthe’s 16th birthday and Aaron is determined to make her party the social event of the year, but will it go off without a hitch? 

Thursday 19 May

Xanthe has a secret plan to be deflowered by Angus at her birthday party, but Sheila puts a stop to it. After her failed attempt to kiss John, Paige asks Mark to find out how John feels about her. Paul fires Aaron, explaining that Aaron’s relationship with Nate still has
a chance, whereas he is a lost cause. 


Friday 20 May

Nursing a fractured colar-bone, Paul has hit rock bottom. Xanthe makes a rash decision after being rejected by Angus. Terese goes to the pub to drown her sorrows where she meets Walter, and it is not long before they fall into each other’s arms.