Jennifer Lawrence shocked by Eddie Redmayne’s modelling photos

Well, it's hard to make a jumper sexy


You can always rely on chat show host Graham Norton to have some wonderful pictures of his guests stashed away, and early modelling shots of actor Eddie Redmayne certainly tickled actress Jennifer Lawrence. 


Digging out a catalogue featuring The Danish Girl star, Norton treated his guests to a peek at these adorable shots:


The first jumper, Redmayne, revealed, was actually a ‘stitch it yourself’ jobby. So we can all have our own eyeball covered knit if we so please. 


Of course, while Joy star Ms Lawrence had a little chuckle at her fellow Oscar winner’s early work, she admitted modelling hasn’t always gone quite to plan for her. In fact, after shooting a campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch, she explained how the company simply sent her agent photos as an explanation for why they weren’t used…