BBC offers Party Political Broadcasts to UKIP but not the Green Party

The decision follows changes to criteria which take into account parties' wider support as well as their representation in Parliament


The BBC has announced the roster of parties to which it will offer Party Political Broadcasts in 2016, with UKIP joining the three main parties in England, but no slots being made available for the Green Party.


The Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP will each be offered three broadcasts outside election periods under recently amended criteria from the BBC Trust which take into account representation – ie, whether a party holds a seat in the House of Commons, the European Parliament or any of the devolved institutions – and a broader assessment of electoral support.

The Greens and UKIP both have just a single member of parliament but UKIP is currently drawing around 14% in polls compared to the Greens’ 5%.

Prior to the changes in the Trust’s rules, a party was required to have at least two MPs before being considered for PPBs.

In its consultation document ahead of the changes, the Trust pointed out that certain parties – specifically UKIP – could not qualify for broadcasts despite polling a higher percentage of the overall vote than others.

A spokesperson for the Green Party said it was “disappointed” with the decision and would be petitioning the BBC. 

The full list of parties being offered Party Political Broadcasts across the UK is as follows:

In England 

The Conservative Party

The Labour Party

The Liberal Democrats

The United Kingdom Independence Party 

In Wales 

The above four parties plus:

Plaid Cymru 

In Scotland 

The Scottish National Party

The Labour Party

The Conservative Party

The Liberal Democrats 

In Northern Ireland 

The Democratic Unionist Party

Sinn Fein

The Ulster Unionist Party



The Alliance Party