Danny Dyer makes Hermione even tougher in hilarious Harry Potter dub video

His Harry and Ron have us in stitches too...

Danny Dyer already made James Bond into a cockney geezer, but now he’s turned his comedy dubbing skills to the magical world of Harry Potter to make Hermione a total tough nut who takes no nonsense from anybody. Well, even more so than she was already.


[Language is a LOT stronger than JK Rowling intended, obviously. Preparus aswearus!] 

As Ron and Harry simper behind her, the new video shows Hermione lay into Slytherin pretty-boy Draco Malfoy with the sort of aggression we’d be more likely to see in the Queen Vic than the Three Broomsticks – though we’re now kind of hoping to see Dyer’s voiceover skills employed for Potter prequel trilogy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

Leave it Hermione, he ain’t worth it!


The world needs more tough East End witches, and clearly Dyer’s the man to call.