Made in Chelsea’s JP teased some clues about his future with Binky, we tried to solve them… wanted some closure on the rocky romance, so we tried to wrangle some answers out of JP...

What’s actually going on with JP and Binky across the pond in LA? Yep, we’re baffled too. Last episode saw JP tell Binky it “wasn’t the right time” for them to be together after she got jealous of him talking to other girls. But based on the trailer for tonight’s instalment, we know that it’s not all over for the rocky romance.


So, in a noble and very important quest to discover the truth, tried to wrangle some answers out of JP. Here are the clues he gave us – and what we think his mysterious answers might actually mean…

Why did you cool things off with Binky?

JP’s answer: “Binky is a fantastic girl but unfortunately with particular exes in the past, as with a lot of men these days, they very much go out of their way to make people jealous and self conscious. And for once I’d like to think she’s dating a guy who’s not in that, and thinks of things in her best interest.”

What we think he might actually mean: Previous boyfriends totally messed her around and now she doesn’t trust men. However, I would never cheat on Binky and would be a far better boyfriend. But I don’t actually want to be her boyfriend.

Is there more to the JP and Binky story?

JP’s answer: “Binky and my relationship is very unique and you’ll kind of see the journey of it all. But like any other relationship it has its ups and downs…”

What we think he might actually mean: I said I didn’t want to go out with her, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flirt with her…

Wait, so your romance with Binky WILL continue?

JP’s answer: “Binky has opened doors that no other girl has done before. Binky’s always going to hold a place in my heart.”

What we think he might actually mean: This is Made in Chelsea so we’re going to draw out this romance storyline for as long as possible.

Do you think Binky regrets cooling things off with you the first time?

JP’s answer: “No I don’t think there’s ever any regrets. You have to do what your heart tells you at the time and for her she just wasn’t ready and that was unfortunate for me because for the first time in my life I was prepared for something that I normally wouldn’t be.”

What we think he might actually mean: Yes I think she does wish she’d gone out with me then because I was ready to commit at the time.

So many of the Made in Chelsea gang have been involved with one another – when you talk to Alex, do you feel weird that he was her boyfriend first?

JP’s answer: “Binky’s past is irrelevant to me. I focus on the current so, whatever she’s done, that’s her business not mine.”

What we think he might actually mean: I’m not going to get involved.

So, is everyone crystal clear on the future of Binky and JP? Nope, us neither…


Made in Chelsea LA continues on Mondays at 9pm on E4

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