Michael to storm out of his wedding to Gail, reveals Coronation Street star Helen Worth

Gail's guilt gives her away during scenes to be shown next week


Michael and Gail’s second attempt to get married is to go disastrously wrong next week when the groom heads for the exit mid-way through the ceremony!


Gail – who has yet to correct Michael on his misconception that Andy is his son Gavin – will find herself suffering extreme guilt in the run-up to the big day. Her anxiety is fuelled by the fact that Luke also becomes aware of Andy’s duplicity and gives him a black eye before telling him to stay away from his sister Steph.

“Gail is shocked that someone else now knows,” says actress Helen Worth. “The more people that know the secret, the greater the chance that it will come out.”

But in the end, it’s Gail’s own anguish that scuppers the nuptials when her tell-tale signs of nerves threaten to consume her. “The enormity of the lie that they’re all telling just hits her and she doesn’t think she can go through with it while she’s keeping something like this from Michael. It’s dishonest and she knows that.”

And does Michael realise that something is wrong? “Yes, after she turned up too late last time, he has been worried anyway. So when she shows real signs of not going through with it this time, he’s angry and storms out.”

With her future happiness hanging in the balance, Gail is now faced with the choice of jeopardising her partner’s health by telling the truth or keeping the subterfuge going. Just what should she do? “Really, the best thing she could do is sit down quietly and tell him everything and then – if he still wants to marry her –  it ‘s all out in the open.

“But she genuinely believes the truth could kill him so she can’t do that. The only alternative is probably to go through with the wedding and wait until he’s well enough to tell him the truth. And after all, Gail is still a hopeless romantic who just wants to be happy. Despite everything that’s happened to her, she’s still an optimist!”

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