Neighbours spoilers: Matt is killed, while Chris decides to leave after breaking up with Nate

6-10 April: Plus Imogen and Danielʼs plight worsens. And Paige urges Tyler not to steal a car for Dimato


Monday 6 April


Daniel comforts Imogen when she has an asthma attack, and the situation looks perilous when somebody starts pouring water into the well. Nick is rattled when he learns that Naomi is privy to Paulʼs dodgy diagnosis. Matt notices a familiarity between Tyler and Dimato and asks Brennan to intervene. Worried about Imogenʼs whereabouts, Josh files a missing personʼs report. 

Tuesday 7 April

Daniel and Imogen are moments away from being drowned when Josh puts together the pieces and stops Kyle from flooding the well. When Daniel explains to Amber, she makes up with Imogen and the couple plan to marry as soon as possible. Paige catches Tyler scoping out some cars and urges him not to take risks for Dimato. Brad confronts Matt over his kiss with Sharon and the pair argue on the road, unaware that a car is speeding towards them… 

Wednesday 8 April

After Matt pulls through surgery, Lauren clings to his side. Suddenly his alarms go off and he is rushed back into theatre, but this time the outcome is devastating. Chris welcomes back a pregnant Lucy. Paige accuses Tyler of stealing the car that ran over Matt and goes to the police, but garage manager Danni turns up and confesses that she was behind the wheel. 

Thursday 9 April

Erinsborough is in mourning following Mattʼs demise. Brad is guilt-stricken over his role in his death and is further burdened with the secret of Matt and Sharonʼs kiss. Bailey starts to organise Mattʼs funeral. The Turner family, desperate to comfort each other, are united in their shared grief. Nate finally tells Chris that he is in no hurry to have children. 

Friday 10 April


After a heartfelt talk, Nate and Chris break up, and Chris decides to leave Ramsay Street and mend his broken heart in New York with Lucy. Alice turns up unexpectedly and Bailey jumps at the chance for a distraction. When things get serious between them, however, Alice is alarmed. Bailey confronts his loss and tells her about Mattʼs death. Georgia becomes suspicious when she learns that Nick is treating an anonymous patient.