New Terminator: Genisys trailer reveals unseen characters

The new footage could also hint at Doctor Who star Matt Smith's character in the movie

A new teaser trailer for apocalyptic sequel/reboot Terminator: Genisys has arrived – but there’s still no sign of Doctor Who star Matt Smith. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think they were hiding something about his character…


Still, the clip does give us a first look at Jason Clarke’s John Connor, who has lots of ominous things to say about the deadly robot Terminators while standing in poor lighting. Classic sci-fi stuff.

We also get to see JK Simmons’ Detective O’Brien in action. It looks like he’ll be teaming up with Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) to destroy the Terminators – as well as offering a bit of comic relief.

But that’s not all you can spot in the teaser; if you look closely, there also appears to be a new model of Terminator briefly shown in the new footage. But what is it?

The main two models of Terminator in the trailer – the Arnold Schwarzenegger-style T-800 and the liquid metal T-1000 – are ones we’ve seen in the James Cameron-directed original films, but the above model looks like it may come somewhere in between.

Could THIS be Matt Smith’s mysterious role? Or are we completely barking up the wrong tree, seeing as he appeared in official photographs dressed as a soldier

One way or another, we’ll be back to find out more.


Terminator: Genisys will be released in UK cinemas from 3rd of July