The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who to Sherlock to Star Wars

An in-depth look at the latest internet craze...

If you’ve ever thought the world of TV and film is shallow, think again. Thanks to the efforts of some enterprising gif creators, they’re never been deeper.


Yes, recently the internet has been overrun with images that use a trick of perspective to make it look like seconds-long animated gifs are coming at ya in 3D. And you don’t even have to fork out for a pair of those plastic glasses to join the several hundred you always forget to take to the Imax.

You can see more of the 3D or “split-depth” gifs on this subreddit, but we’ve picked out our favourites below…

Of course, even gifs can’t resist the usual 3D tricks of making things point at our faces from the screens – whether those be nasty guns…

The story of the ageing action hero

Or much nicer Sonic Screwdrivers. After all they don’t kill, wound or maim right?

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Doctor Who Quiz: Which Doctor are you?

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Other 3D gifs are full of action:

A guide to Marvel’s upcoming superhero films

Star Wars actor opens up on the secrecy behind next film

Which is the scariest episode of Doctor Who ever?

And generally they’re all a bit magical.

First look at Frozen’s short film sequel

So now go forth, enjoy the effect and find some for yourself! You’ll have a ball.

Or, stay here and look at Sherlock with us – we’ve kept them to the end for your own safety, in case you cut yourselves on Benedict Cumberbatch’s 3D cheekbones. Proceed at your own risk.

Ouch – and if that doesn’t satisfy your craving for Sherlock gifs, there are some more here.


You can find more split-depth gifs (or create your own) here