Fan shock as news of Atlantis cancellation spreads

Anger online after BBC confirms fantasy drama Atlantis won't be back for a third series

Fantasy drama Atlantis has been cancelled by the BBC and fans are not in the least bit happy. 


The final seven episodes will air in spring but then it’s farewell forever to Jason and co. The BBC says it was a “difficult” decision, but explains room needs to be made for new drama to come through. 

This has not sat all that well with fans. 

Fridays, for one thing, are now becoming a thing to fear

Some are certain it’s a catastrophic mistake

Others are crying actual tears

It’s the kind of news that means one tweet just won’t cut it

Fans of other shows are shaking in their boots

This video kind of sums up the shock

For some, the news of its cancellation is a driver to actually watch the thing

There’s capital letter-filled anger

Ok, so some aren’t actually that bothered


But elsewhere, evenings and/or lives are being ruined