David Tennant’s debut voted best Doctor Who Christmas special

It looks like RadioTimes.com readers still have a lot of festive love for the Tenth Doctor

You’ve voted in your thousands, and the results are in – Doctor Who’s 2005 special The Christmas Invasion is RadioTimes.com reader’s favourite festive edition of the sci-fi series.


David Tennant’s full debut as the Doctor sees the new Time Lord confined to his bed for most of the episode, suffering from post-regeneration trauma. But he rallies late on to beat the Sycorax leader in a sword fight and send the alien invaders packing – all while still in his pyjamas and dressing gown.

Over 7,000 readers voted in the poll, with The Christmas Invasion garnering around a quarter of the votes, comfortably ahead of the second-ranking episode, which also featured the Tenth Doctor.

Tennant went on to become one of the most popular incarnations of the Time Lord, with his debut beginning the modern tradition for Doctor Who Christmas specials (there have now been ten), which in the classic series had only been undertaken once, in 1965’s Feast of Stephen.

Second in the poll was the opening instalment in Tennant’s final adventure, 2009’s The End of Time part one. Meanwhile, Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith managed to break into the top three with his first festive outing A Christmas Carol.

The least popular special in the poll was 2011’s The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, only narrowly beaten by Jenna Coleman’s debut as the Doctor’s companion (sort of) in 2012’s The Snowmen. 

This year’s festive special of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi may be fresh in the minds of RadioTimes.com readers but clearly it’s not yet been taken to their hearts, languishing towards the bottom of the rankings just above Matt Smith’s final episode The Time of the Doctor, and below the Kylie Minogue guest-starring Voyage of the Damned.


You can see a full list of the results below.