Watch out, One Direction and Taylor Swift… the Storage Hunters are coming

Dave hopes to disrupt the pop music establishment with its “club ready anthem” charity single Auction Remix

Storage Hunters UK lands on Dave tomorrow night, with presenter Sean Kelly crossing the Atlantic to unearth the hidden treasures of Great Britain’s disused storage units.


If you haven’t seen Storage Hunters, the show follows a group of bidders as they battle it out over containers full of various items, most of which they can’t see. Once they’ve won the bid they can find out if they’ve over or underpaid for the stuff inside.

But why just launch a show when you can throw in an ‘Auction Remix’ charity single to go with it?

In fact, Dave has called on Alex Ross, who stormed the iTunes chart in 2012 with The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I’m Sorry, to make a track “reminiscent of a Will.I.Am chart topper”.

It’s rock, it’s dance, it’s funk, it’s… well a whole lot of everything all in one.

“Following the smash hit success of the US show, we are excited to bring Storage Hunters to British screens this Autumn. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this brand new series than potentially knocking the likes of One Direction or Taylor Swift off the top of the charts,” says Dave’s general manager Steve North.

Simon Cowell will probably just throw in the towel. 

Make way for the auctioneer…

The single Storage Hunters (The Auction Remix) will soon be available to purchase exclusively on iTunes (all proceeds going to COSMIC) with the show starting at 8:00pm Tuesday 28th October on Dave