Mark Strong on the “historic, tense and rewarding” Imitation Game

The actor talks maths, crossword puzzles and working with Benedict Cumberbatch...

The Imitation Game may see him play former MI6 chief Stewart Menzies – who helped oversee code-breaking efforts at Bletchley Park – but Mark Strong has admitted he’s not all that good at sums. 


“I’m terrible at maths,” he told at last night’s London premiere, before admitting, “but I’m not bad at crosswords.” 

The eagerly-anticipated film sees Benedict Cumberbatch portray Alan Turing – the man largely responsible for cracking the Enigma code, giving the Allies a fighting chance of winning the Second World War. But social awkwardness and his hidden homosexuality meant the mathematician and computer scientist spent most of his life feeling an outsider, something Strong says he can relate to. 

“I think a lot of actors will somewhere deep down realise they’re outsiders. I think you have to be – you have to be a watcher to want to play characters. I’ve got a healthy feeling of being an outsider, that’s how I would describe it. I love being on the periphery and watching.”


The Imitation Game is released in UK cinemas on Friday 14th November