Celebrity Big Brother 2014: George Gilbey

Gogglebox star George Gilbey is about to do a whole lot more than just watch telly in front of the cameras...

Name: George Gilbey


Age: 30

Famous, why? For starring on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, which sees us watch George watch TV.

It’s like TV eating itself. As if the idea of Gogglebox alone wasn’t enough to confuse us, George Gilbey is now officially a celebrity. Because we’ve watched him watching TV that we’ve watched and enjoyed it. 

The electrician, whose nickname is Squeaky, has already let the cameras into his life to let us see him on the sofa with his mum and step-dad. And how he’s set to take it a whole lot further, spending his entire day in front of Britain’s prying eyes.

Wonder if CBB will feature on Gogglebox…? 


Catch a glimpse of him in this clip: